[VIDEO:] Chuck DeVore and Bouncing Bald Eagle Head Back Dan Hughes for Senate

Orange County may not have Chuck DeVore to kick around anymore, but the former assemblyman-turned-Texan (ugh!) can still entertain us online with his inbred goofiness.

Devore, known locally for his fleet-fingered tweets, made headlines statewide in early 2010 with a campaign website starring demon sheep and targeting Carly Fiorina, his opponent for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate. DeVore, who argued he was the true conservative in the race, came in third to be the eventual loser to Democrat Barbara Boxer that fall.

Carly, Tommy, Chuckie and the Demon Sheep

Chuck DeVore's Demon Sheep Site Gets Hit By Pointless Anti-DeVore Sheep

After intending to run for an open Orange County supervisor seat, DeVore pulled out of that race and pulled up stakes in Irvine to work for a--oxymoron alert--Texas think tank. 

Chuck DeVore Drops Out of Supervisor's Race, Moving to Texas

Devore is now in another online campaign video aimed at winning the Republican nomination to face an entrenched California Democrat senator in the fall. However, the players have changed: Dan Hughes is the little-known conservative candidate, Dianne Feinstein is the incumbent and instead of sheep with glowing red eyes, the wacky vid repeatedly features the head of a bald eagle who spews, "Ooooh yeeeaaahhh . . ."

Check it out:

Two things:

a) DeVore comes off stiffer than Mitt Romney's starched suit;

Thumbnail image for Dan-Hughes_mug.jpg
Dan Hughes
2) The funniest part of all is when nerdy Hughes pops up at the beginning to approve this message. Am I the only one confusing Dan, the teabagger candidate of choice, with "Dan," the former Del Taco pitchman?

In an email, the San Diego businessman makes his pitch for recruiting DeVore for his "tongue-in-cheek" campaign video.

"Chuck DeVore has done so much for the conservative movement in California," Hughes writes. "That is why I am proud that he is supporting me and my campaign."

 Ooooh yeeeaaahhh . . .

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Chuck DeVore is a god compared to the modern liberals and rinos that ran this state from first in the nation into the ground. It is wrong to take his name in vain Matt.


You are a great man, officer, and politician Chuck. I voted for YOU and will happily do so again if I get the chance. Enough said. EOM.

Matthew T. Coker
Matthew T. Coker

FYI: I don't know why "Coker" is not showing up after my middle initial...


It is Matt. It reads Matthew T. Coker. It's all good.

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