[UPDATED: Administration-Sanctioned?] Canyon High School Kids Dress Up as "Mexicans" and Border Patrol Agents; School Officials Get Mad

And an Indigenous mascot, too!
UPDATE, JUNE 9, 8:19 P.M. Gustavo here again. The priceless Elias--who's popping up in the comments below with English barely better than a wab--also has an Instagram photo of a Canyon High poster for Senior Spirit Week with the command for Wednesday being "Señores and Señoritas." It seems every day this past week had a specific theme (others included "Senior Citizens" and "Avenge the Seniors"). Then another commenter left the following:

"Ya it was a stupid move on our asb part for choosing this senior get up day, i did not do this, technically it was also waikiki wednesday so I dressed as such, but our school is stupid."

Which begs the question: if it was ASB sanctioned, did school officials sign off on this in advance?

UPDATED: June 9, 6:36 P.M.: Gustavo here. Our original source for this story didn't tell us where they got the photos from, so when I got an angry email from someone purporting to have taken the photos and demanding Gabriel take them down, threatening "if you don't I am reporting to the police who taking [sic] these pictures off of my facebook [sic] which is private and person [sic]," I naturally became curious. Current publishing laws prohibit the use of Facebook photos without the account holder's permission, so I asked Gabriel to take them down while I investigated.

Another source then came to save the day, to show Gabriel and I that the photos were, indeed, public.

The photo taker (who we're only going to refer to as Elias to spare him any further embarrassment) took to his Twitter account (which is open to the public) to attack Gabriel's story.

"SO IM THE stupid OC Weekly someone stole pictures and gave it to them off my Facebook which is private and m" he tweeted, adding an Instagram link.

Bad move, Elias. See, his Instagram account is also public, and if you start poking around his Twitter and Instagram accounts, you'll see this tweet:


The exact picture Elias claimed was private!

A lesson for you, young Elias: when you want something to be private, don't post it on public Twitter or Instagram accounts (his Facebook account, on the other hand, is private, although his profile picture is the pendejo in his faux-cholo garb). The screenshot of your Twitter account stays. Have a bitchen' summer!

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