Little Saigon Gangster: May I Get Out of Prison A Wee Bit Early?

Thanh Tan Phan mug OCW attempt murder.jpg
Phan: I had a sudden flash of passion
In 2008, Thanh Tan Phan was a hardened member of a Little Saigon criminal street gang called Cadi Lost Boys and one night at the Pho Hoa An restaurant in Garden Grove he participated in a senseless, brutal knife attack on a UC Irvine student and another young man eating with their girlfriends.

Phan's new home is nowadays the lovely California State Prison at Sacramento.

The rural, maximum security prison apparently isn't hospitable and he wants out as soon as possible.

To help accelerate his return to society, Phan appealed his 2010 attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, gang membership and street terrorism convictions by claiming his jury should have convicted him of nothing worse than voluntary manslaughter.

This month, a California Court of Appeal based in Santa Ana considered Phan's argument: that he and his hoodlum pals had reacted in the sudden heat of passion when Tuan Nguyen, who'd been sitting with UCI student Tran Vo, gave them a "mad dog" stare.

The appellate court justices weren't impressed, especially because it took the gangsters at least 15 minutes to decide to attack.

They rejected the appeal.

(Note to the knucklehead underworld: Courts won't consider an unfriendly stare as legal justification for a beating or a killing.)

Upshot: Phan, 32, will continue to serve a term of 15 years to life and when he's done with that punishment he has to serve an additional 14 years.

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With 1/2 time he will be totally out of prison before he's 50

Tactical Flash
Tactical Flash

Nothing new here. Folks.  Gangs, Mobs and mafia organizations have been here since the countries birth.  At one time in the early 1800's the NYPD was a crime orginaztion that preyed on new immigrants!  Nothing changes in your journey through life, Just the "Packaging".  Its all the same evil bullshit with a new label.


Thanks a lot Ronald Reagan for allowing all these dog eaters into America in the first place

Ali Hussain
Ali Hussain

It's funny how everyone ignores what is happening these days. It's like there is too much information and we just all don't have enough time to process it all, so we can't take lessons from even the small stuff anymore. If we tried to read everything that was published every day we couldn't even do that. Like this massive Cornell clinical study that benefits Chromadex (CDXC) that no investor knows about.

peter sparks
peter sparks

so how much time will this "_______" really do when all is said and done?

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