Did Allan Mansoor Get Assembly Opponent Leslie Daigle to Bite into a Lemon?

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Give state Assemblyman Allan Mansoor credit: his reelection campaign has snagged help from someone with an astute eye for the ugly.

Take a look at the Costa Mesa Republican's campaign hit mailers against Leslie Daigle, and you'll wonder what broom the Newport Beach city councilwoman and fellow GOP member rode in on.

For those who have not been following the race in the heavily Republican California 68th Assembly District, incumbent Mansoor is the choice of gun nuts, "beaner" counters and, therefore, the Orange County Republican Central Committee.

Daigle has the backing of prominent GOP moderates (a.k.a. "Communists" in OC Republispeak), public employee unions (ditto) and retired OC supervisor, legislator and state Secretary of Taxpayer Enslaving Public Education "Red" Marian Bergeson.

Here is a fuller shot the Republican Party uses in a mailing branding Daigle "Not a Conservative. Not Right for us in the Assembly":

Now, Daigle is no Michelle Pfeiffer, but the candidate's own campaign mailings prove she's much better looking than the shot above illustrates. Here's a recent one:


In a display of the kind of fire in the belly you want from a representative stuck in snoozy Sacramento, Daigle has fired back with a campaign mailer that features a picture of Mansoor you can see on the next page . . .

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