ACLU to Sue Anaheim to Create Ward Elections to Ensure Mexi Councilmembers--Why Don't They Sue the Democratic Party of OC?

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Back in March, I broke the news that a coalition of groups was going to sue the Anaheim City Council into asking them to carve up voting for councilmembers by wards in the city, or get taken to court over it. At the time, some of OC's liberal class got pissed at me for revealing what they were carefully planning, but whatever! A lawsuit like this is guaranteed to win in these PC pendejo times, regardless of merit.

Today, the American Civil Liberties Union made it all nice and official with a letter to Anaheim stating exactly what I predicted, and what I support--to an extent.

The letter whines, according to the Voice of OC, that Anaheim has had only two Latinos on the council in the past 15 years, which is a lie: there's been three, in the form of Lou Lopez, Richard Chavez, and Bob Hernandez. And, sure, that ain't a bunch in a city that's been Mexi since the days of the Kate and Ella behind the name Katella, but maybe the ACLU should sue the Democratic Party of Orange County for neglecting young Anaheim wab talent in favor of loser retreads like Jordan Brandman?

Fact is, Anaheim has never had a Latino political machine because the local Democrats under Frank Barbaro have never given a shit about fostering Latino candidates in the city, from the minor leagues that is the Anaheim City School District to the training ground that is the Anaheim Union High School District to the council and beyond. In a city that's been Latino for so long, the only wabs who ever had any success were Republicans: Lopez (who served two terms, I believe), the two-termed Hernandez, and former AUHSD trustees Thomas "Hoagy" Holguin and Alexandra Coronado. Chavez served one term before losing in 2006; ACSD trustee Jose Moreno, while awesome and on his second term, reportedly wants to concentrate on helping kiddies instead of climbing the political ladder.

And in the pipeworks for Anaheim representation one.

I agree with the ACLU's intentions, but them and their Aztlanista allies can't see the burrito for the beans. What good are ward elections if the OC Democrats foster mierda on the city?

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Dave Lieberman
Dave Lieberman

Where I come from they're called council members (cities) or freeholders (counties). I think you're thinking of Chicago. Of course, there were the ward heelers, but that's a different position.

Michelle M. Stgeorge
Michelle M. Stgeorge

Right now, if I'm pissed off, I can go lobby all five of my council members.

Dave Lieberman
Dave Lieberman

No, thank you. Right now, if I'm pissed off, I can go lobby all five of my council members. If they implement ward voting, the members who are not in charge of my ward will just tell me to go bother my ward rep. If we end up with a pendejo, of any color, for a ward rep, my representation on the Council will be useless. In other words, ACLU, ain't you got something better to be doing right now?

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