OC Home Invasion Gangster Gives Judge William R. Froeberg a Major Headache

Wyron Jerome Oard gangster oc.jpg
Oard: Home invasion robber wants easier punishment
Poor Orange County Superior Court Judge William R. Froeberg.

Froeberg probably thought that he was finished with Wyron Jerome Oard in 2006, when he sentenced the hoodlum to a California prison.

Little did the veteran criminal judge know that it would take three sentencing hearings over six years as well as the repeated involvement of a state appellate court.

In January 2005, Oard and three other gangsters committed two home invasion robberies.

Following a jury's guilty verdicts in 2006, Froeberg sentenced Oard to a prison term of 47 years to life.

Oard complained and a California Court of Appeal panel in Santa Ana agreed to order re-sentencing.

Froeberg then sentenced him to a term of 32 years to life.

Oard complained again. The appellate court agreed to call for a third sentencing hearing.

Froeberg then ordered him sent away for 30 years to life.

Froeberg: I'm not going lower!
Believing he'd been treated harshly and the maximum punishment should be no more than 15 years, Oard appealed again.

This month, an appellate panel rejected his latest complaints and finally sanctioned Froeberg's third sentencing determination.

Upshot: The 26-year-old Oard will remain stuck inside Kern Valley State Prison, but I'm guessing that the California Supreme Court will hear from him.

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One thing criminals are good at doing is costing taxpayer's money. That's what gives me a headache.


Thank you Judge Froeberg for upholding the laws of the land and the will of the people.


LOVE, love, love, Judge Froeberg...he's NO JOKE when it comes to sentencing.

Have had the pleasure of watching a couple of gang bangers being tried together get the tippy top years allowed.

The Supreme Court should stand behind this sentence and tell this thug to POUND SAND.

30 years? He deserves it.

Jack Grimshaw
Jack Grimshaw

Good to see our tax dollars at work, guaranteeing three hots and a cot and unlimited MTV for human garbage like this. Our highways are falling apart with no money to repair them ... time to resurrect chain gangs and convict labor?


They should make him a deal. Take one year off his sentence for every gangmember of his that the state executes. That seems fair.


 I agree, make them work for their cot. Seems Sheriff Arpaio has tried to at least cause them to take stock of WHY they're in jail..but of course the ACLU and OUR OWN Federal Govt. believes his tent city and pink undies are "just too harsh" ...poor babies.

Why is it O.K. for our men and women in the armed forces to be housed in tents...yet not PRISONERS who have committed CRIMES?...sheesh.

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