William Wesley Jackson, Placentia Doctor, Has Medical License Revoked After Prescribing Drugs to Himself

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The Medical Board of California (MBC) revoked a Placentia doctor's license after discovering that he was prescribing prescription drugs to himself under false names, and to other patients without examining them for four years.

It started in 2007, when the then-45-year-old anesthesiologist, William Wesley Jackson, prescribed himself blood pressure medications under the alias "Wes Rosci." The 1992 graduate of the University of California Davis School of Medicine continued racking up a slew of other violations until yesterday, when the board officially revoked his license.

Jackson had continued prescribing himself other medications, namely controlled substances like Alprazolam and Ambien, which are used to treat anxiety disorders and insomnia respectively, as well as painkillers like Oxycodone and Hydrocodone. He also started prescribing anti-migraine medications and antibiotics for his then-girlfriend without properly examining her or maintaining any record of his treatment.

In the summer of 2008, Jackson prescribed her several medications--cholesterol-lowering aids, antibiotics, antihistamine nasal spray, anti-acids, anti-fungal medicine, and anti-bacterial gel-- without prior examination and medical indication that she needed such treatments. Throughout 2009, he used her name, her co-worker's name and other pseudonyms like "Armand N." to continue prescribing himself Xanax, along with a host of other aforementioned anti-anxiety drugs.

The MBC eventually caught on to Jackson's antics, and started an investigation in July 2011. During the first interview, Jackson denied ever writing himself prescriptions, but he admitted to writing them for a coworker and a former girlfriend and failing to record it in medical charts. When they questioned Jackson on the name "Wes Rosci," he said he didn't recognize his alias. After the board investigator showed Jackson his signature on the prescription, he finally admitting that he was lying to the board's investigator.

The board revoked Jackson's license on nine violations of dishonesty, corruption, creating fraudulent records, prescribing dangerous drugs without proper testing and failing to maintain a current address of record with the board.

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All you have to do is check out the accuser, Lauren S. to see she is a hateful ex that Mr. Jackson did not want to marry. Oddly, she did not complain when receiving the medications, only when her free dr. visits, luxury housing and fancy cars stopped being provided.This is more about a love triangle than any real wrong doing.If you're that interested, check out the odd alliance with Mr. Jackson's ex wife and L. Simpson, right there on Facebook.The sad part is that messing with someone's livelihood, can also affect their children.OC WEAKLY can't do its homework, but you can.Use your brain


I know him personally he was doing stupid favors for friends who asked him for it and screwed him in the end. great guy to know


This is wierd. Seems so unecessary and stupid. He could have legally prescribed these meds with ease. 

mitch young
mitch young

To paraphrase Dr. Evil: "I didn't spend four years in medical school to *not* be able to write myself prescriptions".


I know Lauren Simpson. You sound like you have her pegged correctly!

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