Sharon Quirk-Silva Hopes Chris Norby's Title IX Comments Will Lose Him Assembly Race Votes

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Fullerton Mayor Sharon Quirk-Silva is hoping to use Assemblyman Chris Norby's recent remarks about Title IX, the 1972 federal law mandating gender equality in college and high school sports, to help swap a woman for a man in the state's lower legislative house.

That woman would be Quirk-Silva, the Democrat facing Fullerton Republican Norby June 5 in the 65th Assembly District race.

"I am frustrated about those in power who would still deny the rights of others who seek equality and a level playing field," Quirk-Silva writes in a letter seeking campaign support.

As the state Assembly recognized the 40th anniversary of Title IX on May 14, Norby rose to say:

"We need to be honest about the effects of what I believe are faulty court interpretations or federal enforcement of Title IX, because it has led to the abolition of many male sports across the board in UCs and Cal States. And that was never the intention of this, to have numerical equality. It was never the intention to attain equality by reducing opportunities for the men."

That caused professional soccer player Brandi Chastain, who was there for the ceremony and is known internationally for whipping off her jersey and falling to her knees in her sports bra after the U.S. defeated China in the 1999 Women's World Cup, to visibly wince.

Brandi Chastain Winces as Chris Norby Inserts Soccer Shoe in Mouth at Title IX Recognition

"As someone who benefited from Title IX as a high school athlete and has witnessed the transformation of women's access to sports over the past generation, I am struck by how out of touch Mr. Norby appears to be on this issue," Quirk-Silva writes. "Since Title IX was passed in 1972, participation in sports by girls and women has increased by 545% at the college level and 979% in high schools.

"But there is still much work to be done; the gap between male and female athletic participation at the high school level has grown, female college athletes continue to receive fewer NCAA opportunities and athletic scholarships, and there is still tremendous inequity in resources at the high school level for girls sports equipment, uniform and facilities."

After noting her endorsements from "so many organizations who work hard to support women and girls in our society including National Organization for Women, National Women's Political Caucus, Women In Leadership and Planned Parenthood," Quirk-Silva's letter makes a pitch for financial contributions. Because breaking up the boys club takes cold, hard cash.

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Title IX is a joke. It all comes down to money. Let's be real here, for the most part if it weren't for mens football or basketball, womens sports wouldn't exist.


I don't get it, what's wrong with what he said?  You can take "Mary had a little lamb" out of context and twist it to sound like Mary ate a little lamb,  comeon already, jeeze


As they say......"Hope is not a plan".

She has been abysmal as a council person (Socks for the homeless?????) and not much better as a Mayor.

Like so many before her SQS had the chance to lead and instead went NOWHERE. More of the same from this upward mobile local politican.


I'm so tired of the socks incident made into some lame joke. Sharon walked and talked with the homeless at length. Shelter and food are top needs bur also high on what many of them asked for were socks. You have no idea how something so small can make such a difference to someone with cold feet at night or sore feet from being in them just walking a lot. Socks are a great source of padding. So Sharon started the sock project in response to their request. Since she couldn't provide instant shelter, etc, should have opted to do nothing or help no matter small it seemed to those who have no idea? Also, one of the woman she came across just needed help getting home and Sharon helped with airfare. People shouldn't be so critical of how others help those in need. It might not meet someone's expectations but those socks were certainly appreciated by a lot of people.

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