Scientology Set to Open Orange County Ideal Org in Santa Ana

It looks like the grand opening of Scientology's Orange County Ideal Org will be May 19.

Mike McCoy, a police community services specialist with the Santa Ana Police Department, confirmed that it is "90 percent" certain that the organization will open that day at Sycamore and Fifth streets at the former Santa Ana Performing Arts and Event Center.

Apparently, the group has failed to launch a couple times over the past few months. McCoy said they've nixed previous opening days.

Fifth Street will be partially closed at 8 a.m., then fully closed at noon, with a partial opening again at 3 p.m. and a full opening at 5 p.m. Sycamore Street will be partially closed between Santa Ana Boulevard and Fifth Streets on May 16, 17 and 18.

Behave yourselves, Anonymous! As L. Ron Hubbard said, Ideal Orgs are islands of sanity!

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yeah.......sure........uh huh.

Dean Fox
Dean Fox

I think you'll find L Ron Hubbsrd didn't say that "Ideal" Orgs are islands of sanity coz he was dead when the whole ideal org scam was thought up. I think it was that woman who does Bart Simpson's voice.

Wish I was there to protest it, wonder if tiny David Miscavige will turn up to cut the ribbon and banish the body thetans.


They'll bus in every clam from miles around to sign up to buy some sanity at this new island of sanity, including employees who have to pretend they are enthusiastic public. I'm with Ivy. Woe to the local clam who misses this hysteric (instead of historic) event. May be the first time public members are sent to "The Hole."

I wonder if they'll have any specials? For every two brains washed, get a free car wash? I hope Louanne will be there telling everybody she's a Muslim and a Hindu and she lost her grandparents in the Holocaust. That's why she needs Xenu.

Ivy Mapother
Ivy Mapother

May 19th...I shall plug in my crock pot, put on my finest soul duds and perfect my bad Scottish accent. All cult members are required to be there on time and follow the script. A knowledge report will be filed on all absent Scientologists, followed by meetings with ethics. Bring your cash, credit cards and children because Scientology wants all three. Slappy the short one will be there to give us all the great stats: millions of new members, thousands of new orgs in hundreds of new countries. See you there.

Marc Abian
Marc Abian

Dean, actually, Hubbard DID say that.

The difference is that Hubbard's vision of the Ideal Orgs is that they would be built to accomodate expansion of the Church, on the level of their famous "St. Hill Org."  However, Hubbard was very specific to state that only the payment for services should provide the funding for these larger orgs. 

The Church's current leader, David Miscavige took that ball and ran with it, essentially placing the cart in front of the horse.  According to him, Scientology is expanding so rapidly, parishoners are urged to donate to build these Ideal Orgs to handle the huge demand.  It's turned into a massive cash flow for the Church, which can accept these donations tax free.

In truth, after Mr. Miscavige rolls through town for his dog and pony show grand opening, he leaves behind a building that mostly stays empty and struggles to maintain even the barest of staff. 

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