[UPDATE: Media Outlets Report More Officers to be Terminated] Ron Thomas Confirms Firing of Cops Who Beat His Son on KPCC's AirTalk With Larry Mantle

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Brandon Ferguson
Ron Thomas at an earlier Fullerton city council
UPDATE, May 23, 5:34 P.M.: Citing unspecified media outlets, radio station 89.3 KPCC is reporting that all six officers involved in the Kelly Thomas beating have been given letters of intent to terminate. Be sure to read the original post below for our coverage of Ron Thomas's appearance this morning on Air Talk with Larry Mantle. During his interview, Thomas confirmed the Fullerton Police Department gave three officers: Joe Wolfe, Manuel Ramos and Jay Cicinelli letters of intent to terminate. Citing state law, Fullerton police have declined to comment on the matter. 

ORIGINAL POST, May 23, 12:45 P.M.: Ron Thomas appeared on 89.3 KPCC this morning and confirmed that three officers involved in the beating of his son Kelly have been handed termination papers. Speaking to show host Larry Mantle, Thomas said officers Joe Wolfe, Manuel Ramos and Jay Cicinelli have been presented letters of intent to terminate. Fullerton police spokesman SgtJeff Stuart left a message with the Weekly yesterday saying state law prohibits him from commenting on personnel matters, but this morning Thomas said the officers have 30 days to appeal the decision.

So far, only Ramos and Cicinelli have been charged criminally with the death of Kelly Thomas, but Ron, who has been in contact with Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackaukas, said more charges may be handed down.

"Rackaukas told me he is absolutely still looking at Wolfe," said Thomas. "So he's not out of the picture by any means."

Referring to the officers as "murderers with badges," Thomas said he believed the incident was avoidable and that Ramos, who has been charged with second degree murder, became angry just before the July 5 occurred because Kelly "didn't follow his program to the letter."

Both Ramos and Cicinelli were scheduled to be arraigned yesterday but a judge carried the hearing over. Both are due back in court on June 26.

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jesse l
jesse l

The whole lot of them should be charged, tried, and convicted. All of the officers were responsible and had a moral responsibility to stop this crime. Shame on them, the  FPD, and the Fullerton city officials.

I recall watching a FPD squad car speeding down the 57 fwy (in Anaheim), they exited on Ball rd heading west still speeding. The light at state college stopped them and as I approached I noticed two men in the car. They sped off. After I dropped off my son and headed back home I stopped at the same intersection (ball and st college) to gas up and the same police car was approaching st college again, heading east on Ball, they stopped again, this time they were making animated gestures to two women in the car next to them, then they sped off. I called the station to make sure the car wasn't stolen and the person who answered was rude and basically asked if I had a problem, I replied, no, but FPD does and I hung up!


I meant intent to terminate...


Been handed termination papers..not fired get it right Ron, since you know everything.


you are a complete idiot.   If you an one ounce of compassion in your body you would not say such things to a man that has lost his son by the 6 thugs dressed in uniform.  His son was brutally murdered.  How dare you and that other jerk speakup 234.  grow up and get a life.

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