Ron Paul Won't Fight for California Votes

It's clearer now why Ron Paul went heavy on the Libertarian cheerleading and lighter on the presidential campaigning when he rocked a youth rally earlier this month at Cal State Fullerton.

The Texas congressman and Republican primary candidate has announced that he won't compete in states that have not yet voted, including California and his home state. The Washington Times reports that Paul didn't want to throw tens of millions of dollars at the 11 remaining states, leaving Mitt Romney standing alone in the race.

Paul reportedly will continue to fight for delegates in states that already have voted, saying it's a way to have an impact on the Republican convention in August.

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Dave Lieberman
Dave Lieberman

This went up an hour and a half ago. Where are the Paulbots who so angrily derided my Little Saigon post?

Where is your candidate now?


He's still on the ballot, you can still vote for him. He just doesn't have Romney's Goldman Sachs money behind him to go on a tour of America. 

Vittorio Monaco
Vittorio Monaco

 Collecting delegates. Real delegate numbers are as follows Paul 126 / Romney 313

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