Robert Luis Reil Gets 50 More Years to Engage in Mexican Mafia Mayhem Behind Bars

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The good news for those clinging to truth, justice and the American way (brought to you by Mennen) is Robert Luis Reil was sentenced Friday to 50 years to life in state prison for his participation in the first Orange County murder of 2010.

The bad news for those residing in the correctional facility that will receive the 33-year-old Orange street gang member is his penchant for stirring shit up while behind bars.

Reil and two other members of an Orange street gang were partying on Jan. 3, 2010, when they hatched a plan to get a fourth female gang member to arrange a drug buy with 49-year-old Santa Ana dealer Bernal Ezquivel Felix, who would instead be robbed.

Reil and, it is alleged, Joseph Baez, 27, of Orange, grabbed guns before heading off to an Orange residential street for the fake drug by with Christian Galindo, 26, and, allegedly, Amour Villamar, the 32-year-old Orange woman accused of contacting Felix.

Around 11 that night on Orange's Oak Street, Reil waited in his dark sports utility vehicle while the other two men in his crew hid nearby, out of sight from Felix. When the dealer drove up in his white 1995 Ford Focus, Villamar allegedly got into the backseat of the slow-moving car.

That's when Baez allegedly
came out of the shadows and shot Felix. The Focus kept moving until hitting a parked car on the street. Villamar is accused of then jumping out of the car empty handed before all the conspirators fled for the SUV and Reil drove off with them.

Orange Police initially believed a stranger randomly opened fire on Felix as he was driving through the neighborhood. He was rushed to Western Medical Center in Santa Ana, where he died. The Sheriff's Coroner Division later confirmed it was the first homicide case of the year that has been cleared in Orange County.

Further investigation concluded this was a drug deal gone bad. Reil and Villamar were arrested in Springfield, Oregon, by police there and the U.S. Marshals Service Oregon Fugitive Task Force. Reil had three previous felony strikes, Villamar had separate drug-related and stolen-vehicle charges on her rap sheet, and both had violated parole by fleeing the state. The pair were later extradited to Orange County to answer to the Felix murder. Facing first-degree murder and other counts, Villamar has a pre-trial hearing scheduled in August.

Baez and Galindo were later picked up by police. Galindo pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter and got a 12-year prison sentence. Baez faces a jury trial for first-degree murder and other counts in June.

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