Richard Vu Nguyen Faces Trial for On-Camera Beating of Roommate with Down Syndrome

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A Garden Grove man faces trial Wednesday for kicking the head and body of his 45-year-old female roommate with Down Syndrome.

Richard Vu Nguyen, also 45, is charged with a felony count of dependent adult abuse that, with a conviction, could land him in state prison for four years.

Unfortunately for Nguyen, cops say they have video of the abuse.

Because of her affliction, the woman cannot communicate verbally. In March 2011, her family suspected she was being abused. A surveillance camera was set up in her bedroom.

According to the Garden Grove Police Department, which later looked at the secret video at the urging of the woman's family, some time between March 31 and April 9, 2011, Nguyen came into the roommate's room, jumped up on her bed and kicked her in the head and torso. He then left.

Opening statements are expected to begin Wednesday at the North Justice Center in Fullerton.

Richard Vu Nguyen Accused of Beating Female Roommate with Down Syndrome

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mitch young
mitch young

Down syndrome people vely quick, gwasshoppah, 

muss disable chop chop with kick to head.




Sometimes they just don't listen.  

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