Secret Service Whoring Around Dates Back (at least) to Richard Nixon in San Clemente

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Google "Barack Obama Nixonian" or just click this link. You'll see several e-pundits love making the Chosen One out to be Orange County favorite disgraced son Richard M. Nixon. Actually, former Nixon Library director John Taylor made that case--in a positive way--days before Obama was inaugurated.

Thanks to the whoring scandal, each Commander-in-Chief's Secret Service detail can be compared to one another as well.

Dust off your old copy of The Boys on the Bus, Timothy Crouse's 1973 account of the previous year's presidential campaign that won Nixon reelection. Turn to page 209, and discover how a reporter knew when Dick was scooting off to the so-called "Western White House" in San Clemente.

It seems the ink-stained wretch "cultivated a clerk at a San Clemente motel who called him whenever the whores came from Vegas in anticipation of the arrival of the Secret Service."

Where are those ladies' medals? After all, they served our country by servicing the Service.

(Hat tip to columnist Steve Kraske of the Kansas City Star.)

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