Reggie Jackson Sued for Nearly $750,000 for Supposedly Stiffing Business Manager

"Must ... kill ... the Queen."
Hall of Fame slugger, onetime California Angel and Naked Gun robotic Queen-killing machine Reggie Jackson is being sued in Santa Ana's Orange County Superior Court for allegedly stiffing a former business manager who now wants nearly $750,000.

"Mr. October" made an oral, lifetime agreement in 2002 to employ Frank Perry, pay Perry 10 percent from gross sales of memorabilia and 15 percent of gross earnings from book sales, endorsements, speaking engagements and movie and business deals, according to the suit.

Oh, and Perry adds he's been due $5,600 a month to run Jackson's "The Mr. October Foundation for Kids."

Jackson, who loves speaking with reporters (just ask anyone still scarred from covering him on the A's, Yankees or Halos), was unavailable for comment.

Perry claims he passed up other employment opportunities because Jackson repeatedly demanded "100 percent" of the business manager's focus be on the outfielder.

"The truth was that Reggie Jackson did not intend to have Perry work for him for his entire life," read court documents filed on Perry's behalf by his Irvine attorney, Mark Mazda. "Reggie Jackson just wanted to use Perry as a traveling companion, a servant, and someone that he could continually vent to, and he did not intend to have Perry work for his entire life."

Jackson fired Perry in the spring of 2009, breaching their oral contract that the business manager be paid for life. The suit seeks damages of $742,000.

Would that be a dollar for every career strikeout? (No wonder Jackson hates reporters.)

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James T. Booker
James T. Booker

Reggie Jackson is a complete @sshole and I think anyone who has had the unpleasant opportunity to work with him can attest to that.  Sure there are plenty of frivolous lawsuits out there, but if you know anything about Reggie, this sounds exactly like something he would do.  Can't wait to see how this plays out.


Everything you guys say about frivolouis and false lawsuits is true.

But Reggie Jackson is one of the biggest pricks on this universe.   I hope this flies.

SEO Company India
SEO Company India

I totally agree with you (ageofknowledge)Individuals computer file legal cases for a number of factors such as just to harrass someone they don't like. Individuals online have registered legal cases to get people trial to see what they look like and understand their individual. I've been provided myself like that but it was tossed out and never went anywhere


Anyone can file a lawsuit against someone else. Just because they file the papers doesn't mean there has to be a shred of truth to it. People file lawsuits for all sorts of reasons including just to harrass someone they don't like. People on the internet have filed lawsuits to get people in court to see what they look like and learn their identities. I've been served myself like that but it was thrown out and never went anywhere. I did counter sue for costs and get paid, however. The idiots weren't smart enough to figure out it was going to cost them to serve me. Anyone can file a lawsuit... just saying.


Lolol... we used to yell from the stands back in the 70's as kids "Reggie" "Reggie" "YOU SUCK!" at the Anaheim Stadium until he got mad and started yelling back and giving us the middle finger. It was pretty funny. The guy has always had an attitude problem.

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