Octomom Covered in SpaghettiOs For Porn Promo

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Octomom Nadya Suleman, who has turned to masturbating for money amid a bankruptcy filing and the auction of her La Habra home, apparently has eschewed whipped cream and syrup as sexy-aids, and has turned to an afternoon snack enjoyed by kids everywhere: SpaghettiOs.

During a film shoot last week, the mother of 14 reportedly was covered in Os and sauce for promotional photos.

Someone on the set reportedly told the Huffington Post that a topless Octomom sported a sparkly red choker with a big red heart, and white, polka dot panties.

"SpaghettiOs were all over her body and she's even throwing the SpaghettiOs toward the camera," the source said. "The label on the can was changed from SpaghettiOs to say 'Saucy Octos.'"

Luuv it!

Octomom said for the first time in her life she felt beautiful and sexy, and plans to buy a new home with the money.

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