OC Dream Coalition Holds First-Annual Immigrant Youth Empowerment Forum at UC Irvine

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A coalition of Orange County Dream Act advocates will hold the first-annual Immigrant Youth Empowerment Forum at the University of California Irvine this Saturday. The forum consists of a series of workshops dedicated to educating immigrant high school students about how to apply for financial aid as they transition to college.

Johanna Perez, a fifth-year double major in Chicano/Latino studies and political science and forum organizer, said there are many resources available for high school students who might be unaware that they qualify for AB 540, which allows students who meet certain criteria to qualify for in-state tuition rates. The coalition includes the Orange County Dream Team, Dreams at UCI and other Dream Act proponents at neighboring community colleges. 

In recent years, the Dream Team's Los Angeles chapter has conducted a similar forum at UCLA to ease the transition immigrant and undocumented students in Los Angeles make between high school and college.

"While most students are applying for FAFSA (free application for federal student aid), undocumented students can't apply for it because they don't have a social security number," Perez said. "But with the California Dream Act, they have the opportunity to apply without that."

The California Dream Act's passage in August 2011 allows students who meet AB 540 criteria access to public financial aid and private scholarships for the first time. A 2008-2009 annual report from the UC Office of the President shows that UCI had approximately more than 100 potentially undocumented AB 540 eligible undergraduate students, making it the highest number among its sister universities. It ranks third in the total number of AB 540 undergraduate students.

The forum starts at 9 am and runs until 2 pm at UCI's Cross Cultural Center on campus Saturday, May 26. See you there!

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mitch young
mitch young

Fun fact about AB540 -- you don't have to be illegal -- they couldn't very well write the law to discriminate against US citizens (not that they didn't want to). 

So, if, say, you go (or send your kid) to undergrad out of state and you (or they) don't pay state taxes here, BUT they did graduate from a California high school (three years attendance), they can get in-state tuition right away at a JC (say for a certificate or recreational class) , or a Cal State or UC graduate education. No more having to wait a year, pay Cali income taxes, etc. In fact, with the abysmal academic performance of Mex..oops, Latinos, it seems to me a fair bet that most people who benefit from AB540 are US citizens coming back to Cali from out of state or abroad. That may account for the discrepancy between UCI's ranking for total AB540 students versus 'potentially' illegal students.


Blahblahblah. Who gives a shit about these fuckin illegals. Hers a great idea. Go to your parents country and get your financial aid and education there.


Great. This should make rounding up these criminals easy. You can argue all you want, you can even start the name calling, but the bottom line is that these people are here illegally.


Here's a great idea: learn how to WRITE IN ENGLISH. Pendejo.


Without a doubt Dave but at least we aren't being taxed enormous amounts of "feria" to incarcerate these ones for crimes committed here like so many of their peers who "did the dirt."

These ones, at least, are trying to follow the law and be successful. I can live with that though I know the vast majority will default on the loans afterwards adding to the ever increasing student loan bubble that is building.

In other words, we'll eventually get stuck paying for their college educations (and our own). But at least no one will have been physically hurt.

In the meanwhile, you know what to do: https://www.numbersusa.com/con...


Is pendejo english ? Its hard to write with your papi sucking on my cock gustabo. Dont be upset because your bullshit dream act is going to fall through. Mexico will never take over california. Sorry. Keep on sucking as a writer. Hang out with scott moxley and see if some of his talent will rub off on you the way your moms syphilis rubs off on the wetbacks in front of home depot.

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