5 Examples of Moonrise Kingdom Being a Wes Anderson Homage to Wes Anderson

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Click here for the review of Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom, which has Karina Longworth of our big sistah paper LA Weekly astutely pointing out the similarities with the 43-year-old auteur's The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou. But I was struck at the Orange County Film Society sneak-peak screening at Edwards Westpark in Irvine Wednesday night by how much Moonrise Kingdom is a homage to nearly all of the idiosyncratic writer-director's films. (I can't speak for the animated Fantastic Mr. Fox as I have not yet seen it.)  My case is built like a rickety tree fort after the jump . . .

Bottle Rocket, Anderson's 1996 directorial debut, shares with Moonrise Kingdom a daring rescue, intricate planning by the leads and a pair of earrings. Shortly after Edward Norton's Scout Master Randy Ward is introduced on screen in Moonrise Kingdom, he interacts with a boy making rockets for the troop's annual "Hullabaloo." Missing in action are brothers Owen and Luke Wilson, one of whom could have at least appeared in cameo as the seaplane pilot.

Anderson's 1998 follow-up Rushmore follows an eccentric and resourceful teen scofflaw stopped in his tracks by forbidden love. Jason Schwartzman's titular character is three years older than Jared Gillman's Sam Shakusky, an eccentric and resourceful tween scofflaw stopped in his tracks by forbidden love in Moonrise Kingdom. Schwartzman, in a small role, nearly steals the newer film, which shares with Rushmore a revenge plot point and the talents of Bill Murray and composer Mark Mothersbaugh, who like Schwartzman have been Anderson collaborators ever since.

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