"I Beat Kelly Thomas to Death...But I'm the Victim": The Only Manuel Ramos-Kelly Thomas Meme That Matters

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Ramos: Can't take a scraped elbow
The moment I saw the photo of Fullerton police officer Manuel Ramos--fresh from participating in the beating death of Kelly Thomas--holding up his scraped elbow like a tot taking a tumble after falling from his tricycle, I knew we had to do something.

Moxley will torch Ramos and his apologists, as will Nick and Matt in their respective posts--but hard-hitting journalism doesn't suffice. Ramos' expression is juvenile and vile in demonstrating the arrogance that some officers have when it comes to people daring to question their brutality. It deserves mockery. It deserves a meme, the lowest form of Internet humor, the domain of cats and witty quotes framed around Fry from Futurama. And so...


Please spread this far and wide...

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