Gustavo to Give Commencement Speech TOMORROW at Long Beach City College!

Following my so-so commencement speech at UCLA two years ago, another local institute of higher learning has become gullible enough to invite me to speak to their graduating class: Long Beach City College.

The speech is scheduled for tomorrow at--where else?--Long Beach City College, during their--what else?--graduation ceremony.

What am I going to talk about? Beats me. Actually, commencement speeches are one of the few times I actually put down my thoughts on paper, because I don't want to subject students to my usual rambling incoherence--better my incoherence have some semblance of order, you know?

Anyhoo, I'll post the text tomorrow, around 6:45 p.m., the time I'm supposed to give the remarks. See you there!

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Don't forget to add "if you transfer to a university, good luck trying to get the classes you need because there a lot of Dreamers out there who are taking up a space that they don't have a legal right to, and you do."

peter sparks
peter sparks

Gastavo, congratulations I think. The speach might be a more coherant if you don't drink as much as usual. 


El Serracho comments on blog post- by El Serracho

Also considering doing the whole first name only thing, like Cher.



As opposed to spoiled brats who join fraternities and sororities and do jack shit? Um, yeah...loser.


And the ironic thing is that those hard working Dreamers are going to end up working for those frat boys who don't do jack shit. That must kill you inside.

You know, for someone like you who fights so hard for people's rights, you sure do have a hard time recognizing legal rights. Interesting.

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