Kelly Thomas' Mother Gets Million Dollar Payout From Fullerton City Officials

Chris Victorio
Cathy Thomas at a protest for her son last year.
To end a potential civil lawsuit against the Fullerton Police Department for savagely killing her son Kelly Thomas last July for no good reason, city officials tonight announced they will pay Cathy Thomas $1 million. 

The settlement, approved by a 5-0 vote, was announced at the city council's meeting following a closed-door session.

Ron Thomas, the victim's father, has not yet reached a settlement with the city.

In a statement to the council, Brian Gurwitz, the attorney who represented Cathy Thomas, spoke about his client's hope for continued healing in the wake of her son's brutal death.

"To lose a son at the hands of rogue police officers is an indescribable horror," said Gurwitz. "There is nothing this council could ever do to compensate for the loss she's suffered. But throughout settlement discussions, my client and her family have been treated with great respect by the city's representatives."

It is not clear how long the city had been negotiating with Cathy Thomas. According to a press release on the city's webpage, Cathy and her lawyer sought an early resolution of her potential legal claims. The parties reportedly entered into a non-binding mediation before agreeing to terms.

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from my  understanding he chose to stay outside and sleep on floors .cause he had an mental illness.. and he had problems taking his meds.. he did have  homes to stay at but he chose not too..and 1 millon isnt even enough anyways..there is no price for losing a son that way... and so tragic !


What exactly is Kelly Thomas' mother being compensated for? Hush money? While I feel sorry for her loss,her mentally disabled adult son lived as a homeless person, not in her house. I hope she donates the settlement to aid the homeless. 

Fortune Cookie
Fortune Cookie

I could not agree with you any more than this. I do not know about about their relationship as a family, but I do know how a mental disorder can cause problems and a separation of family and friends.  So now the family is stepping forward to accept money for their son's death at the hands of the justice system.  The other side of this is that this kind of treatment and brutality by police officers happens all over the USA, Look what happened in Belmont Shores last year when 2 officers shot and man sitting on the front steps of his friends house holding a graden hose with a nozzle and the police said they thought he had a gun and when they ordered him to drop it (he didn't) they shot him 28 times, he died and the cops lied according to multiple witnesses, or the police shooting and death in Downey recently where 2 cops shot a M/A man 5 times in the back because he fit the decription of a man at an ATM holdup more than a mile away. They said they thought he had a gun and they were in fear of their lives, and when he ran from them (because he had some pot in his jacket) they shot him 5 times in the back killing him.   It's a sad day in America because we the people who the police are supposed to protect and serve have very little recourse in these matters.  What if you were the man in a Colorado prison for 16 years for a rape and murder that he never committed, held and convicted without any proof, no DNA, no blood evidence, nothing but 1 person testifying that they thought he fit the decription of the suspect. Then when someone who cared did some investigating found the actual murderer, and DNA proved this, the justice system still didn't want the man released from prison, it's like they didn't want to admit their mistakes.  In Texas a man was executed because he had the same 1st name as the man who robbed and killed a woman at a gas station.  A long story but for those who want to research this type of action by our justice system you can go to this web site and read many cases of this type of

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