Ron Thomas Approached to Appear at Trayvon Martin Rally, Declines

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Marisa Gerber
Ron Thomas at an earlier Fullerton City Council meeting.
Ron Thomas confirmed today he was approached by the Justice for Trayvon Martin Foundation, which sought his support along with civil rights leaders Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton for an April 26th rally in Los Angeles. The event was geared toward bringing attention to the unarmed  Florida teen shot in February by George Zimmerman. Acting on the advice of his attorney, Thomas declined to offer his support at this time, though he added members of the organization may be present in Fullerton tonight.

"It's a very good possibility they may show up tonight at the city council meeting," Thomas said.

The father of slain homeless man Kelly Thomas, who was beaten to death last July by Fullerton police officers, will join other protesters tonight to demand answers from the city council, which remained largely mum in the wake of the incident.

"The city council has just been trying to put me off and hide behind their lawyer," said Thomas "The facts are out now and I have some things I'm going to challenge them on." 

Although several rallies were held near the police station and during city council meetings immediately after the incident, public outrage quieted down when District Attorney Tony Rackauckas charged two officers involved, Manuel Ramos and Jay Cicinelli,  with involuntary manslaughter.

During the three-day preliminary hearing the public heard testimony from the pathologist who conducted the autopsy, and got its first look at the horrific video, captured by a city camera, in which a dying Kelly pleads for help as he's mercilessly pummeled by officers.

Thomas said he intends to confront city representatives on several issues including why Officer Joe Wolfe,  also involved in the beating, hasn't been fired.

"He could have been suspended without pay. But (acting Police Chief) Dan Hughes didn't do that," Thomas said.

Though not one member of the city council was present for the hearing, Thomas said Councilman Dick Jones, who was mayor when the beating occurred, called yesterday to extend his condolences as did Councilman and former Police Chief Pat McKinley.

"He said he understands now why I'm doing what I'm doing. He said he'd be doing the same thing if he were in my position," Thomas said.

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Fullerton Business Owner
Fullerton Business Owner

Kelly lived behind my shop for more then two years. I saw him everyday. Do you know how many times his loving father showed up there in over two yeras? ZERO, NONE! Not once did Ron show up with a sandwhich or a blanket!! People say he could not do anything and I agree he could not force meds etc but he could of showed up with food or anything!! Since day one it has been all about him not his son!! He said he didnot recognize Kelly because of the beard. Kelly had that beard for over a year which proves my point more. I support Kelly but Ron has turned me off so much from this issue..People like myself who cared and saw Kelly everyday get disgusted when we see his bs and self absorbed, ego-maniac behavior!! If you cared about your son you would of stopped by atleast ONCE in two years to see him, to hold him, to feed him. Now you just feed your ego!! REAL talk... 


I work for ”Dick Jones” . . . ”DICK JONES” ! ! ! Sorry, I couldn't resist.


The judge ruled that there was enough probable cause which takes very little. A jury of 12, if it goes to trial, will have to find them guilty BEYOND a reasonable doubt.


Ron my heart goes out to you and your family. I feel deeply saddened by this, I do hope those   officers get what needs to be deserved; No family should ever endure that same heartache that your family has felt; Your family are in my prayers; God Bless you and your family.

Kelly you will be in our hearts forever


He was right to stay out of it and concentrate on the matter before him.


Especially considering that the Thomas Kelly beating is an open and shut case, while the Zimmerman-Martin incident is full of questions that may never be answered. 

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