[UPDATED with Booking Photo, 9-1-1 Call, Best Head:] Jenna Jameson Arrested for DUI Crash as Patrols Heightened for Boozy Ex-Porn Stars

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UPDATE, MAY 25, 3:11 P.M.: At right is the booking "money shot" Jenna Jameson took after being hauled in for allegedly being drunk when she plowed her Range Rover into a Westminster pole early today.

All things considered, the ex-porn star out of Huntington Beach looks so good we should consider running an un-ugliest police mugshot of the week.

She doesn't resemble a distraught woman heard crying to witnesses and paramedics at the scene, "I just want to go home."

'Cause pros pull it together for the camera.

Jameson has a history with substance abuse. While in high school, she became addicted to cocaine, LSD and meth. Though she later cleaned up her act, she relapsed with Oxycontin in 2010.

After rehab, Jameson famously fought with her baby daddy, MMA fighter Tito Ortiz, who landed in a Huntington Beach jail after blowing up over an Oxycontin pill he found in their Huntington Harbour home. The on-off-on-again-off-again couple later played it down as a misunderstanding.

Jenna Jameson-Tito Ortiz Fight Ruled a Draw

The 9-1-1 call that produced the police response just after midnight today has been released: "I was actually getting ready to call you guys because she was drunk. Next thing I know she went into the pole."

Several Interwebsians have wondered about Jameson's form with the breathalyzer, but the best headline has to go to Starcasm.net: "Jenna Jameson Rams a Pole Hard."

For those who would like to avoid ramming a stationary patrol car hard, be advised that the Anaheim Police Department holds a DUI/drivers license checkpoint on Euclid Street from 8 p.m. Saturday through 3 a.m. Sunday. Other Memorial Day weekend DUI enforcements are detailed in the original post below.

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ORIGINAL POST, MAY 25, 12:15 P.M.: Earlier this week, the Orange County Sheriff's Department announced that, beginning tonight, there would be beefed-up sobriety checkpoints and patrols of streets in recognition of the long Memorial Day weekend. That enforcement is beginning too late to stop former porn star-turned-Bad Boy of Huntington Beach plaything Jenna Jameson, who was busted early today for driving drunk by Westminster police officers responding to a vehicle that crashed into a light pole at Springdale Street and Westminster Boulevard.
The cop shop says Jameson suffered minor injuries but refused treatment. Her pain may have been eased by whatever caused her to display signs of intoxication, at least in the officers' eyes. After taking a field sobriety test, Jameson was arrested just after 12:45 a.m. on suspicion of driving under the influence, booked into the city jail and later released, according to authorities.

Unreported was how long the line was to frisk her.

Tonight's DUI/Driver's License checkpoints are in Dana Point and Fullerton. Special DUI saturation patrols, where extra police resources are poured onto streets with histories of drunken driving arrests and crashes, will be deployed throughout the county all weekend. There will be more California Highway Patrol officers on freeways and county roads, too.

Ex-porn stars, consider yourselves warned.

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