Hamid Karzai Was Right To Block Dana Rohrabacher From Afghanistan

Dana Rohrabacher liar coward 6.jpg
Rohrabacher: The aging face of a shameless career politician
Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai was right to ban Orange County Congressman Dana Rohrabacher from his country last month.


Well, even if the always apologetic/lost Orange County Register doesn't yet know, there are plenty of reasons.

Let us start with this one:

(No, I'm not going to begin with the fact that this career politician is now a gung-ho war hawk even though he cowardly hid from combat duty when eligible to fight during the Vietnam War.)

Instead, let's start with this other fact: Rohrabacher is a sad joke even on his home turf. Brazen, self-serving lies and even more shameless self promotion decorate his political career. This is, after all, a plump fellow who calls himself the "surfin' congressman" but can only ride already spent 10-inch waves on a--not kidding--boogie board built for a child.

Point: Rohrabacher is an accomplished two-faced weasel. He didn't want to enter Afghanistan to improve the situation. He want the international stage for himself in an election year.

As you would expect from the drive by mainstream, clueless media, CNN's Wolf Blitzer absurdly treated the congressman like an honorable, international statesman, but look for yourself at the delight in Rohrabacher's face that he got on national TV to complain:

dana rohrabacher afghanistan laughs 3.jpg
Rohrabacher: See, he's really, really angry that Karzai blocked his entrance into Afghanistan
For a quick, relatively generous glimpse of Rohrabacher's character go HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE.

So, while we hope President Karzai can make his country a respectable member of the international community, we know he was right to give an obnoxious congressman the boot.

Too bad that the voters in Rohrabacher's coastal Orange County district--including Laguna Beach, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach)--haven't yet been as wise as Karzai.

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