State Appeals Panel Rules for Patient Who Had Catheter Yanked from His Penis

A California appeals panel has overturned a lower court's dismissal of a lawsuit filed by a man who claimed he suffered "excruciating pain and trauma" when a worker at South Coast Medical Center in Laguna Beach tripped on a hose that yanked a catheter from his penis.

We'll continue once you're done holding your ween and whining "Ow!"

Gregory Harry, a quadriplegic who relied on catheters to urinate while being treated at South Coast in June 2009, was in his hospital room when a custodial worker tripped over the hose to his hose. A nurse later gave the patient pain medication and tried several times without success to re-connect the catheter before a urologist was summoned to seal the deal.

Harry's lawsuit cited "excruciating pain and trauma, permanent injury and loss of functionality," and also claimed the accident worsened his problems with incontinence.

But Orange County Superior Court Judge Franz Miller sided with South Coast's attorneys, whose experts had testified the mishap did not fall below the standard of care.

Last week, a three-judge panel of the Fourth District Court of Appeals in Santa Ana ruled the case should not be dismissed, citing the difference of opinions of various experts on catheter-tastrophes like poor Harry's.

Legend has it his scream from the moment of yanktitude still echoes in Laguna Beach coves.

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Is that the real picture of the dude?,or is it someone else just playing with himself when his mom walked in on him?


Phht.  What a crybaby.  Under normal circumstances, a nurse yanks it out anyway.  Granted, I'm sure he was startled by the sudden extraction, but I doubt it was any more painful than a routine procedure.  Bet he gets millions and insurance costs go up to cover it.  Great.  

Catheter man's nephew
Catheter man's nephew

Having some knowledge of the case would help here, don't you think? Or am I mistaken in thinking that my uncle forgot to tell me that Some Asshole From the Internet was in the room the whole time, saw everything, and could be relied upon to make sweeping generalities about something he has utterly no expertise regarding.

Sitting here, twenty feet from the man this article is about, I can tell you that, years later, this incident has changed his life in sad ways that are still evolving.

I've met barnacles with more compassion than you.  What kind of person goes around making presumptions about other peoples' pain? Especially when it involves special circumstances, about which you likely know nothing, i.e. do you have to cath yourself every day because you're in a chair?

If I had a choice between inviting you or a predator drone over for dinner, I would choose the predator drone. Please never have children.

I am sure that in the question of which came first, the asshole or the internet, the answer must surely be that there has always been assholes. Sadly, until Al Gore came along and invented the information superhighway, I didn't know there were so many of them.


Are you volunteering to have the same done to you?


Hey atheist, even though you're empty inside try to at least appear empathetic for this poor man's sufferings.

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