Gap Ads Go Gay on OCTA Buses: What Exactly Are They Selling Anyway?

I miss Miller's Outpost. Le sigh. 

True story: I was in Hollywood several years ago when I happened upon a little shop that advertised a product called "Fundies," designed for couples to hop into and get freaky. The underwear designed for two became a running inside joke to this day among my pals. 

Gap isn't joking. But even the most politically correct among us (and the seemingly always good-humored gay folk) might spit a punchline or two at the company's new ad, the one with a gay couple snuggled up in one of their summer collection adult shirts.

The ad features Broadway beefcake Rory O'Malley and his boyfriend Gerold Schroeder. A caption says "Be One." Not to stereotype, but one can always pick out an Irishman in a crowd. 


Ron Dicker (haha! good one!) at Huffington Post, quotes  Karen Post, author of "Brand Turnaround", when discussing companies going with "inclusive" ad campaigns: "I can't imagine large companies like JCPenney and the Gap would make big investments without doing their homework and due diligence for it to make sense." 

Now, we know you gentle readers are a mature lot, so we expect civility in the comments section. And no funny Sharpie drawings on the Gap ads.

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mitch young
mitch young

Grants for jeans, Grants for guns.

Cover's everything.


Hey, as long as these spoogeguzzlers don't share the same condom, what's the big deal?


Send one to Passtor Warren.  Oh wait, he would fill it all by himself.



I thought they might be going after the conjoined twins market! 

Josh Dulaney
Josh Dulaney

You boys bring up an important issue. If two sets of conjoined gay twins love each other, should they have the right to get married?

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