Four Tons of Floating Weed Discovered Off Dana Point

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Presumably this is unrelated to the arrival of Japanese tsunami debris along the California coastline that we've all been hearing about. But at about noon yesterday, a boater who either really hates marijuana or really loves obeying the law, called authorities to report several large bales of weed floating in the ocean about 13 miles offshore from Dana Point. Agencies ranging from the Orange County Sheriff's Department to the Coast Guard and Border Patrol sent their boats to confiscate the haul.

According to the Orange County Register, the bales numbered about 180 and totaled just over 8,000 pounds, and a Border Patrol spokesman estimated its street value worth at about $4 million. No arrests were made in the seizure, and where the weed came from remains a mystery, although Mexico seems the obvious culprit. It's just a wild guess, but it seems that whoever was paid to smuggle the weed got jumpy when whoever was supposed to rendezvous with them failed to show up quickly enough, so they just dumped the load.

Assuming the cartels are indeed behind this, two things seem reasonably clear: a) it's just the latest evidence that they're trying to take advantage of President Barack Obama's misguided medical marijuana crackdown and b) whoever screwed up the operation is going to be in a world of hurt pretty soon.

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I think your guess is pretty good.  It had to have come from Mexico and someone got nervous before they met the recipient.  I bet the smuggler(s) are dead by now.


Too bad it wasn't white lobster. 

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