[UPDATED with YOU Get Paid:] Secret Factory Farm and Slaughterhouse Video Rolls in OC

UPDATE, MAY 24, NOON.: Perhaps it was the lingering effects of my midnight pork chop/chicken gizzard/butt roast sandwich, but I really screwed the tofu dog on this item. Actually, FARM will pay you the buck to watch its undercover factory farm and slaughterhouse video.

ORIGINAL POST, MAY 24, 8:12 A.M.: Today, the Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) ends its three-day "10 Billion Lives Tour" stop at UC Irvine, where a custom-built van with eight TV monitors has been showing a four-minute video of undercover footage from factory farms and slaughterhouses--to anyone who'll pay a buck and paying anyone who will watch a buck.

If you can't make it out to UCI today, don't fret, you can still catch the video Saturday night in Orange County.

The van will be parked for "pay-you-per-view" screenings Saturday at the intersection of West Third Street and North Broadway in Santa Ana.
It's certainly an eyeful watching once living things snuffed out for our dinner tables. The tour gets its name from USDA reports that claims nearly 10 billion land animals are raised and killed every year in the U.S.

It's estimated 32 people can watch the van's slaughterhouse video at once.
"Consumers have the right to know where their food comes from, and the 10 Billion Lives Tour will expose people to the harsh reality of animal agriculture," say Michael Weber, FARM's program director. "Viewers often tear up or become angry after watching the video, and turn that passion into action by making food choices that are consistent with their values."

Nonprofit, 30-year-old FARM hopes viewers will decrease their consumption of animal products and work toward vegan diets.
If you can't make it to UCI today or Santa Ana Saturday, nose around on www.10billiontour.org and watch a version of the video on your PC or laptop. One in every 25 online viewers receive two free movie tickets. Is Food, Inc. still in the theaters?

After OC, the tour moves to Cal State San Bernardino May 30-31.

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meat-it's what's for dinner...yuummmm..the very first lion,tiger,bear,eagle.fish.shark.dolphin,snake,lizard,etc..etc vegetarion i hear of or see I will become one..it's as the lion King stated "The Circle of Life" and if it wasn't done by the farms we would do it ourselves....what a joke..vegan lifestyle hahahahahahahahahaha.....if I want to die from malnutrition or just plain stupidity I would become one..this person from my work was a veagen until she almost died and the doctor told her she needed to eat some meat..lol


can I watch it multiple times while shoveling a med rare strip down my throat? 


To anyone who'll pay a buck? No, you get paid to watch it.

Stop Factory Farms
Stop Factory Farms

 Nobody is asking you to become a vegan.  They're simply asking to you become informed regarding where your meat comes from.  There is nothing wrong with educating yourself, then you can make a choice with a clean conscience.


 Ignorant response Jeff. 


I prefer to call it "smart ass"

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