Dis(Ideal)organized: OC Scientology Again Delays Grand Opening at New Location

I didn't get the memo.

After an hour Saturday morning in front of the former Santa Ana Performing Arts and Event Center, with nary an Operating Thetan in sight, it was "clear" that the big grand opening of Scientology's Ideal Org wouldn't be taking place.

Only one homeless guy asked to bum a smoke, so it wasn't too bad.

It's not the first time the group has teased the grand opening.

I'm not sure when the memo went out, but The Village Voice apparently got it forwarded to them Friday:

Sources tell me the new date for the grand opening is June 2. Will chat with the Santa Ana Police Department to confirm...

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Oh noo!  You gotta hang out at Whyweprotest to keep up with the latest emails leaks, etc.  It looks like June 2 is the new date, but we'll be keeping tabs.


LOL, word on the street is they had to postpone because they've been having trouble regging the money they need to complete the building (this in spite of the project costing them about 14 million dollars so far). Apparently the Scilons are getting a litttle weary of being constantly called on to make "donations" for expensive buildings that sit empty.


LOL you actually went? Hm. Anonymous has a website you know. None of us showed up early, just sayin. Check whyweprotest.net next time. Or divided-by-zero.com

We have our grubby fingers on the fading pulse of  Scientology, Inc.


alot of Scientologist from out of town will have to change their travel arrangements. 

those ORG events take a page out of the Jim Carey Movie The Truman show.

 They will be Busing In thousands of Scientologist and Sea Org Members from across the stateand having wealthier members fly across the country,to attend these events to give the appearance Scientology Is expanding

its a human shuffle board nightmare game of logistics!  a giant fake photo OP

while your there Just don't pay any attention to the man behind the curtain..

after the circus packs up its a ghost town...


Don't make fun of Xenu. He's been held in that "eternal force-field"  in a mountain on earth for 75 million years - without so much as a pizza. or a potty break. Come to think of it, if you don't eat or drink for 75 million years, a bathroom break isn't important.

Well, the org opening isn't so important - the main thing is they jacked up their clients into forking over money for a building, then the building is given to a separate branch of the cult, so the clients can lease a huge building that they just paid for! Yay! Then it'll close, and they can't get their donations back. Yay! Then ... who get's the money when someday it is sold? Hmm?


Xenu and this prison planet of Teegeeack will not uncodordinate us, we will be at cause!

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