Why the Orange County Republican Central Committee Chose Now to Dump Deborah Pauly

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How ucked fup is the Orange County Republican Central Committee?

The committee did nothing when its vice chairwoman and Villa Park City Councilwoman Deborah Pauly called for the death of Islamic men, women and children walking into a February 2011 Yorba Linda charity event.

The committee also did nothing months before that, when Pauly likened Obamacare to rape.

George Wallace
And yet now, after Pauly has been linked to a supporter of the late George Wallace, Alabama's segregationist governor for four non-consecutive terms between 1963 and 1987, the Orange County Republican Central Committee has found the eggs to dump Pauly.

Monday night, after Chairman Scott Baugh told committee members, "You are held to a much different standard by what you say because you represent everybody our here," Pauly was voted out as his vice chair 47 to 16.

Perhaps Baugh, who had chastised Pauly for her past mouth farts, and his puppets could finally come up with a way to give her the boot because Wallace had been a Democrat.

Or maybe it's because Wallace, in the late '70s, declared himself a born-again Christian and apologized to African-American leaders for his past segregationist views.

Do you know who has not apologized to African-American leaders for her current segregationist views? Marilyn Davenport, the GOP Central Committee member who sent out an email depicting President Barack Obama's family as chimpanzees. As Baugh rightly led the committee to censure Davenport, one of her staunchest supporters was Pauly. 

So, for those keeping score at home, it's okay for Pauly to be linked to a lilly white fatwah against innocent Muslims and a living racist, but not a long-dead racist who apologized for being one before his death. Uh . . . right.

Slime Baugh
It must be noted that Baugh was against Pauly's original election as his vice chair, preferring Flash Reporter Jon Fleischman. With more teabaggers having joined the committee since former state Assemblyman Baugh assumed the chairmanship from the late Tom Fuentes, the Fleischman vote failed. Pauly won on a later ballot. 

It must also be noted that Baugh is throwing his considerable weight (literal and otherwise) behind Todd Spitzer, the former Orange County supervisor, Assembly member and fired assistant district attorney running against Pauly to rejoin the Board of Stupes.

Before hooking up with the Orange County Register, Spitzer had tried to get the Weekly to report that Orange businessman Bob Walters had mailed Pauly campaign letters on "George Wallace for President" letterhead. Walters was apparently recycling, as he had been chairman of Wallace's failed campaign for president in 1967, back when Da Gov was still a hater.

We declined Spitzer's request.

It's not that we support Pauly--trust us, we find the choice between her and Spitzer like deciding whether to drink Bipolar Tea or Schizophrenia Soda.

We do, however, think the councilwoman very well may be telling the truth when she says Walters' Wallace connection was unknown to her before a reporter informed her of it after the mailers went out. She's not the brightest bulb in the tomato patch, after all, and her appointment to check out her supporters may have fallen on the same night she was scheduled to stand up next to Barbara Coe and call for rounding up Mexicans. Damn you, conflicts, damn your eyes!

Todd-o Spitzer
In these days where people independent of candidates can send out whatever they want to on behalf of/against a candidate (thank you, U.S. Supreme Court), who knows how closely nutty Pauly was watching her nutty flock.

Besides, George Wallace was a lightning rod a very long time ago, back when many in the Orange County Republican Central Committee would have secretly scorned favorite son Richard Nixon in favor of Wallace, despite his having the wrong party affiliation. (Then and now; see Marilyn Davenport.)

No, the greater sin here is that Baugh, when he wasn't openly endorsing a political opponent of Pauly's, could not find a way to remove her as his GOP vice chair for far more disgusting things than being ever so loosely tied to a long-dead segregationist. Now chained to Spitzer, "Slime" Baugh can call for such a vote.

Ucked fup indeed.

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Augustine 25
Augustine 25

I know Pauly. There's no way she is a racist or a drunk or a religious bigot. As far as I can tell, her only sin is standing up to the public employee unions, the unions who hope Todd Spitzer will do more to back up their greedy claims for more and more pension money. Ironically, George Wallace eventually embraced the anti-segregationist position.


Pauly is a drunk.  Check out her  and her husbands recent run in with drunk driving.  It is well known in Villa Park that she shows up to council meetings drunk.


If you're talking about the American Independent Party (AIC), there's nothing wrong with being a member of it. They are the fastest growing political party in the country. In fact, they are the only party in California that allows you to write in all your choices. True political voting freedom.


Shades of Sarah Palin.  Go home. Tend to your children.

Smelling Funky
Smelling Funky

This makes me a bit ill, butI have to kind of defend Pauly a little. She is not someone I would ever votefor. I think she is a dumb birdbrain. And Baugh is a complete douchebag.

However, I don't recall hercalling the death of Islamic men, women and children who were walking into aFebruary 2011 Yorba Linda charity event. 

I'd have to review exactlywhat she said. I remember saying evil was going on in there and other rhetoricand something about Marines wanting to get the terrorists.

It should be noted that oneof the keynote speakers at that event openly supports Islamic Jihad andHezbollah. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...

Islamic Jihad claimed responsibilityfor killing 220 marines in a suicide attack in Beruit. And many believe Hezbollah was involed inthe attack. Both groups are recognized at terrorist organizations by the USState Department.  

Theis no need to distort events to make Pauly look dumb.   She does enough to discredit herself.  No need to exagerate.

mitch young
mitch young

This is a really incoherent post.

As for all the mouth-breathing about the horrors of segregation, check out 'Urban Prep Academies', which use state funds (as charters) to de facto self-segregate black 'youth' into their own schools.

Fact is that plenty of blacks did really well under the total system of segregation -- for black businessmen there was a built in market. 

Paul Lucas
Paul Lucas

Todd is ok. I like him personally.  Deborah Pauly is totyally insane. Shes a cartoon incarnate. Id vote for spitzer before pauly anyday.


lest we forget.... Wallace was a democrat... 

Strom Thurmond was also a Democrat when he ran with a segragationist platform and when he turned republican and tried to apologize for his previous views he was never forgiven.

Robert Byrd... A lifelong Democrat and a Klan member... But forgiven because he remained a Democrat.

Orval Faubus... Democrat, Used the national guard to prevent integration.  Almost succeeded until REPUBLICAN Dwight Eisenhower nationalized the Arkansas guard then sent in the 101st airborne to protect the black students.  

Anyone see the double standard? 

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