Feds Arrest Alleged OC Counterfeiters in iPhone Shopping Spree

fake bucks 2.jpg
A federal grand jury has indicted two Southern California residents for an odd, illegal shopping spree for iPhones.

Matthew An and Sam June Kim face six federal charges including passing counterfeit currency and conspiracy, according to records at the Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse in Santa Ana.

The indictment outlines 13 times in March and April when An and Kim used at least $2,700 in bogus U.S. currency to purchase iPhones from various individuals in Orange County.

During their arrests the defendants possessed crappy, computer-made $20s, $50s or $100s, according to the indictment.

Because of a request by Assistant United States Attorney Mark Takla, An--who was born in 1988--and Kim--who was born in 1983--remain in federal custody.

According to Takla, the defendants are dangerous and serious flight risks.

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