Remorseless Huntington Beach Kiddie Porn Distributor Heading to Slammer

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Quay Phipps: A viewer, not a doer
A federal judge in Orange County has sentenced a Huntington Beach handyman to spend 240 months in prison for Internet transportation and possession of hard-core child pornography.

Quay Phipps--who employed the username "Wefucumjung" collected more than 20,100 images and admitted that he likes to view pictures depicting the rapes of minor boys--got a slight break from U.S. District Court Judge James V. Selna.

Assistant United States Attorney Anne C. Gannon had sought an additional 52 months of incarceration, in part, because she believes Phipps is "remorseless."

During his January jury trial, Phipps did not dispute the evidence, which included: He placed Internet ads for images of boys as young as 8 years old; used other screen names like "Ben Dover," "anklegrabber" and "illb," which is short for "I love little boys;" and collected "thousands of graphic child erotica stories," according to federal court records.

Instead, Phipps, who lived with his mother in the trailer park, argued that anti-child porn laws should be eliminated because it is, in his opinion, impossible for children depicted in the images to be "re-victimized" when people later download the material.

H. Dean Stewart, Phipp's San Clemente-based criminal defense lawyer and the man who once represented corrupt ex-Orange County Sheriff Mike Carona, told Judge Selna that his client deserved "far less" than a 180-month sentence because he "merely viewed" images and "did not touch anyone."

"[Phipps] did not seek out minors or otherwise do anything more than view images," argued Stewart, who went on to claim that "empirical evidence disproves the fear that the child pornography defendants, like Phipps, will go on to molest children . .. He was a viewer, not a doer."

Phipps maintains that he has a constitutional right to view any Internet material--whether it's the Pentagon Papers or WikiLeaks documents or kiddie porn--without government restrictions.

But judges have recently approved "startling" increases in punishment for child pornography possession, according to Stewart. He claims that in 1997 offenders received on average a prison sentence of 20.59 months. Now, he says, the punishment has jumped to 120.1 months.

Stewart called the statistic proof of "unfairness."

George Howell--an undercover FBI agent in Richmond, Virginia--made contact with "Wefucumjung" in February 2010, while using the GigaTribe file-sharing network.

An investigation traced the suspect to a trailer that belonged to a recently deceased 96-year-old Huntington Beach woman. Phipps had repeatedly used his role a handyman to gain access to the woman's computer to commit his crimes.

According to court records, Phipps also admitted that he believes the federal income tax system is "voluntary," and that the doesn't like to work because his mother, now retired, worked her entire life and "it got her nowhere."

We haven't heard the last of the 43-year-old man.

Phipps--who has not yet been transferred to federal prison--swiftly filed an appeal of his convictions and punishment with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

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Does his defense attorney have a soul??? 'A viewer, not a doer"??? Really??


Is that "chumlee" from Pawn Stars? 


My guess is even though he will be put in with others like him, they may still want to roll him in flour and go after the wet spots. 


My God...wouldn't you hate to be the guys who have to answer this piece of garbage ads and try to catch him? It would make you want to beat the living shit out of him once you actually arrest him.

As for his conviction? General Pop should make him forget all about little boys and start worrying about stating alive.

Sick, Perverted, Garbage, should be the headline to this story.


He sounds more like Mitch Young with all his rhetoric nonsense.

mitch young
mitch young

Why are you so obsessed with me, Beta? I don't even visit this site for a couple of days, and yet you're still chattering about me.


They say every one has an exact twin........this must be what Mitch looks like...


It s not obsessionMitchie; is pure hatred towards the pretentious bullshit you always post, whichyou are entitling to because this country gives us freedom of expression.  I m also entitle to react any way I want, aslong as I respect the law.  You mightthink that you are making a point when in actuality you are setting back civilization100 year.  For every social problem, you think  its root is skin color and ethnicity.  You are a pig headed bigot and that’s why I hateyou and your points of view. It’s not an obsession is Hatred.  Now quit your bitching and keep posting so I cam ridicule you some more.

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