[UPDATED with Blood Spilled:] Chapman and Fullerton Undies Runs are Sights for Sore Eyes (and Fingers)

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UPDATE, MAY 21, 3:35 P.M.: It's been pointed out that since this blog mentioned the hospitalization of two young women in their 20s--one for "alcohol-related" complications and the other for an arm injury suffered after falling down--following Chapman University's 2012 Spring Undies Run, we should also note the arrests during Cal State Fullerton's event the following night.

Two men who are not students were arrested after midnight in connection with a Nutwood Avenue knife fight.

Armando Zermeno, 20, and 21-year-old Joseph Mercado, both of La Habra, were treated for minor stab wounds at UCI Medical Center before being booked into Orange County Jail on suspicion of assault.

No word on what got the fellows' panties in a bunch.

UPDATE, MAY 18, 12:06 P.M.: News that Chapman University's Undies Run the night before ended with the hospitalization of two young women in their 20s--one for "alcohol-related" complications and the other for an arm injury suffered after falling down--did not deter a reported 4,000 running undies from turning out for Cal State Fullerton's own event.

That's twice as many as Chapman's Undie Run drew, and we believe we know the reason.

Cal State Fullerton just became the first public university in the state to ban smoking everywhere on campus. Those poor Titans are no doubt running their asses off to keep off the weight the no-nicotine rule will put on. Mercy, hope they have time to stop for finals.

Oh, yeah, the point of this: click here for William Camargo's NSFW slideshow of the CSUF Undies Run. The photo on the opener and the one below are two samples.

CSUF photos by William Camargo/OC Weekly
ORIGINAL POST, MAY 17, 2:15 P.M.: The rest of you probably choose Thanksgiving as the day to gather with your family and give thanks for life's blessings.

But for us here at Navel Gazing Central, that day comes in the spring, courtesy of one of Orange County's fine institutions of higher learning. Ladies and sophomores, may be present the . . .


Photo by Meranda Carter/OC Weekly
Spring 2012 edition

See, we toil hard to give you the best damn news blog this side of La Palma, so hard that our eyes blur, the finger we type with aches and the other one grows numb . . . up our butt.

But it's just about then Chapman University's twice-yearly Undies Run comes along to smash inhibitions, the Orange Circle and, thanks to our rockin' slideshow the next day, the quota for eyeballs on ocweekly.com.

So, do us and yourself a favor by clicking on photographer Meranda Carter's hella fun (and NSFW) slideshow.

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