Brandi Chastain Winces as Chris Norby Inserts Soccer Shoe in Mouth at Title IX Recognition

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Professional soccer player Brandi Chastain, who is known internationally for whipping off her jersey and falling to her knees in her sports bra after the U.S. defeated China in the 1999 Women's World Cup at the Rose Bowl, was under the California Capitol dome Monday as the state Assembly recognized the 40th anniversary of Title IX. It also gave the California Storm defender and midfielder a chance to wince as Assemblyman Chris Norby (R-Fullerton) whined that the 1972 federal law mandating gender equality in college and high school sports has been unfair to athletes with penises.

Here's what Norby said that produced the facial equivalent of a red card from Chastain:

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We need to be honest about the effects of what I believe are faulty court interpretations or federal enforcement of Title IX, because it has led to the abolition of many male sports across the board in UCs and Cal States. And that was never the intention of this, to have numerical equality. It was never the intention to attain equality by reducing opportunities for the men.

Click here for a great Associated Press photo of Chastain's wince.

As Chastain stood in the back of the Sacramento chambers Norbstruck, she received an unlikely assist from another Orange County lawmaker. Assemblyman Jim Silva (R-Huntington Beach) said that when he was a high school football coach in the 1970s, he felt that same way about Title IX as Norby.

"Then, on March 18, 1978, my world completely switched," Silva said. "That was the day my daughter was born."

Is something in your eye, or are you wincing at the realization that it took gender equality being applied not the public at large but Silva's own family for him to come around on Title IX?

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I actually agree with Norby. He wasnt saying girls should not play sports. He was saying that the system is sexist.I think this blog summed it up pretty goodhttp://antifeministsite.blogsp...Summation: Education is largely feminist dominated thereby hindering mens advancement in college so that that the student population becomes more female. This results in more male teams being cancelled and more female teams being created.The system is designed with this intent.

An attorney commented on that blog "the core problem is the rigidity and adversarial nature of Title IX enforcement".

mitch young
mitch young

Maybe if this Silva puts was man enough to sire a son, he would have a different view.

Colleges Cut Men’s Programs to Satisfy Title IX

---But in cutting the men’s varsity track team, Delaware took the practice a step further. The university did not make the argument that it needed to cut the team to immediately comply with the law — after all, it plans to add a women’s golf team in the fall. Instead, officials say they are ending the track program, which has its 100th anniversary this year, out of concern that they could not remain compliant in the future.--


I suppose when womens college softball draws as many spectators and raises as much revenue as the football team then title IX will be a victory. 

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