La Habra Police Converge on Octomom's Pad

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Two police cruisers were seen parked outside the infamous Octomom residence on Madonna Lane in La Habra, just past 11 p.m. last night. Three officers stood chatting in the street, backlit by the interior lights of the residence's open door. The reason for the call is unknown. 

In a brief interview with the Weekly, a La Habra watch commander tersely said the call was "nothing of significant events" before quickly hanging up, and this morning, officials refused to provide access to the station's call log, although it's a public record. Instead, we were told it would not be viewable until Monday. Calls to department spokesperson Cindy Knapp weren't immediately returned.

The latest chapter in the Octomom saga involves her failed attempt to declare bankruptcy as she struggles to stave off foreclosure and save the home she and her 14 children live in. Yesterday it was reported a judge threw out her bankruptcy case because she improperly filed the paperwork

Stay tuned for updates, although if previous experience has told us anything, whatever La Habra cops have to say will be fed to the Orange County Register first.

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is there an update to this? Does anybody know why they 'converged'?


Any updates? Does anyone know why they "converged" on the convent?


Another famous 911 call from Octomom??? When no one is paying attention to this woman then we hear about thousands and thousands of death threats, broken window with scary note..which by the way that little stunt fell to the wayside..why.because Nadya did this herself. So after porn comes 911 calls????  anything for a little attention! Maybe after a few to many sips of her healthy red wine she decided to give LAPD a little call.

Laurie Meli
Laurie Meli

She Lives In My Hometown, Im Best friends with her daughter


A couple of weeks ago, I saw a TMZ clip that said she paid a large amount of money to fix her hair, when in fact the check was strictly given to her to pay for her basic needs. I don't know what she's planning with her life, but I wish she'll put her kids' basic needs first, instead of buying frivolous items.


So now a police convergence is considered to be two police cruisers sitting in front of someone's home?  Seriously?  A convergence?  Poor, poor, media.  My how far you have fallen.

Bferguson 1 Like

Technically you only need two objects for a successful convergence. Check your dictionary Janice!

blondie 1 Like

Maybe she's been at the sippy cup again, and the neighbors called in a complaint aboutdisturbing the peace. :)

barbwire27 1 Like

She may be running low on publicity stunts to keep her name out there. Maybe she did a pocket dial to 911 and meant to call TMZ.

AYFS 1 Like

I wonder if they saw her drunken rant on Sunday?

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