Angel "Minor" Rivera, OC Homicide No. 19: Gang Shooting Pinned on George Angel Galvin and Ismael Avalos

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Angel "Minor" Rivera probably did not go into the long Memorial Day weekend expecting it would end like this:

With the Anaheim resident's 18-year-old body pressed against a cold slab for a scheduled autopsy today.

And another 18- and 19-year-old behind bars for Rivera's murder.

The teen had been in the 1100 block of Mayfair Avenue, which is near La Palma Avenue and two blocks from Anaheim Regional Medical Center, when police Friday night received multiple reports of gunshots.

Just after 10:30 p.m., officers arrived to find Rivera lying in the middle of Mayfair with a gunshot wound. He was rushed to UCI Medical Center in Orange, where he was pronounced dead.

R.I.P., Angel "Minor" Rivera
George Angel Galvan, 19, of Perris, was picked up on an unrelated probation violation Friday night and later arrested on suspicion of murder with a gang-sentencing enhancement for the shooting of Rivera.

Anaheim Police are tight-lipped about what links Galvan to the crime, as well as what information led to Saturday's arrest of Ismael Avalos, 18, of Anaheim, on suspicion of also murdering Rivera. Both suspects were held over the weekend in lieu of $1 million bond.

Investigators are still piecing together the case and ask anyone with information to call 714.765.1944.

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Ironic that they both have "Angel" in their names.

I disagree with the notion:

 "Angel "Minor" Rivera probably did not go into the long Memorial Day weekend expecting it would end like this:"

When you run in that crowd? I think EVERY weekend should include the expectation of a trip to the hospital, morgue or jail, I mean isn't that the point of joining up? The "excitement" of never knowing if you'll make it to Monday?.


Fuck off buttercup think of his family. If that would happen to your family you wouldn't be saying stupid shit like that


 Fuck OFF yourself FRED ...stating the obvious... and I sure don't see you making the same comment to the other people on this thread, oh that's right... they all have GUY names,  nothing like being a misogynistic coward 'eh FRED?.


maybe if you didn't know the kid then you shouldn't be saying anything at all..... and that's including you BUTTERCUP.... stupid ASS!!! name buttercup.....! your such an idiot!


That is so sad. But who will get his Dream Act resources now? Surely he was eligible and taking full advantage of it.

mitch young
mitch young

I love the new, improved, vibrant and diverse OC.


No kidding. But I remember when it was REALLY violent. Back when F-Troop ran deep and the illegals were just pouring in.

Buttercup 1 Like

 Hopefully our illegal population is now "pouring" OUT of California and pouring BACK into their own country...somehow I don't think they'll be greeted with a free education, healthcare, food and housing...but hey, with all of that natural resource under their feet, maybe they'll get a clue and start drilling.

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