VidCon Brings Online Video Stars to Anaheim

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Smosh, iJustine, Meekakitty, Wheezy Waiter and Mystery Guitar Man will be together in one place in Anaheim in early summer. The third annual VidCon at the Anaheim Convention Center June 28-30 is also expected to allow 6,000 devotees of online videos to meet and mingle with Alex Day, Charlie McDonnell, Dave Days, DeStorm, Hank and John Green, Michael Buckley, Mitchell and Kyle, Phil DeFranco, Rhett and Link and Shane Dawson.

YouTube, Revision 3, Maker, and are among the sponsors.

"VidCon has been really lucky to be at the center of this new industry," says Hank Green, creator of the event. "Online video, right now, is at a very important moment. There's so much excitement, so much potential, and so much talent."

Online video is the fastest growing source for entertainment in America, with the average American spending nearly two hours watching YouTube each week and more than 4 billion videos watched globally every day. Advertisers have taken note, and faster than you can click a mouse a multi-billion industry has been born.

VidCon actually begins with a special Industry Day for online video insiders June 28 before the main conference June 29-30 that includes concerts, meet-ups, keynotes, panel dicussions and other programming. Tickets can be purchased online at

Here is some of that talent:

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Here's how to KNOW if you're REALLY a "star": if you're featuring in ANAHEIM, CA ...then you're NOT!

And now if everybody will please step aside, here comes Ms Rebecca Black.....

Grayce Ezarik
Grayce Ezarik

Thanks for the post, always good to read good news.

Grayce Ezarik
Grayce Ezarik

Thanks for the post, always good to read good news.

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