Sarith Yin Gets Life Without Parole for Murder of 16-year-old Juan Carlos Rodriguez

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Sarith Yin
When 16-year-old Juan Carlos Rodriguez was murdered outside a Tustin house party in January 2010, police employed something of a "round-up-the-usual-suspects" strategy, hauling off eight or so young men and women for the murder. The list was later cut to six suspects. A statement from prosecutors on the first sentence being imposed in the case today mentions three defendants.

Going to prison first--for life, without the possibility of parole, plus another 30 years--is Sarith Yin, 25, Santa Ana.

Juan Carlos Rodriguez
Judge Francisco Briseno sentenced Yin, who a jury in January convicted of first-degree murder, active participation in a criminal street gang and committing the crime for the gang's benefit. 

Rodriguez was among a group of taggers partying in the early morning hours of Jan. 10, 2010, in an apartment on Myrtle Avenue in Tustin that just happened to be a few blocks away from where members of the Cambodian Tiny Rascal Gang were partying.

When a couple Tiny Rascal members walked past the taggers' party, they were asked about their gang affiliation. Largely outnumbered, the pair went to a nearby liquor store and called for reinforcements.

John Saway
Among those who arrived were Yin and, according to authorities, 23-year-old John Saway, whose separate trial in scheduled to begin Monday. Armed with semi-automatic weapons, the pair so frightened people standing outside the tagger party they bolted into apartments for cover. But Rodriguez and a female hid behind a tree.

As Yin covered him, Saway began firing, according to prosecutors. One bullet hit Rodriguez in the back, pierced his heart and exited his chest.

An unidentified man came out of a residence and fired at the attackers, which allowed the female who had been with Rodriguez to flee.

Ruon Phi Keo
Yin and Saway are said to have split in a vehicle driven by Ruon Phi Keo, who is also up on charges.

Rodriguez died the following day.

Saway is charged with one felony count each of murder, street terrorism, possession of a firearm by a felon, attempted murder, assault with a firearm, and sentencing enhancements for murder committed for a criminal street gang purpose, criminal street gang activity, the vicarious discharge of a firearm by a gang member causing death, and the personal use of a firearm.

He has a prior strike conviction for possession of a firearm by a felon for the benefit of a criminal street gang in 2008 and prior convictions for possession of a firearm by a felon in 2008 and vehicle theft in 2005. If convicted, Saway faces double life sentences without the possibility of parole.

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These guys are INNOCENT. They are patsies accused of murder. Just cuz they roll with a gang don't mean they committed murder. The pigs and the persecutor wants to pin the murder on someone so they picked these guys out of a "usual suspects" lineup with no real proof. Fuck the OC and their disneyland-financed criminal justice system. 


If parents were supervising thier animals we wouldnt have the problems we have with gangs...............



peter sparks
peter sparks

three straight up douchebags, the lead stroker yin, should have been locked up in 2005


Tiny rascals refers to the asian penis. Pee Pee to small mommy, not growing. 


Gangs started because cowards realized the need for a pack. Together they are strong, singly they are weak cowards.Look at the animal world (Santana) . One on one a coward will run, get his sissy friends to come back and shoot into a crowd and run. Wow, such bravery. Gangs are street terrorists, they are fair game. They should be taken down by law enforcement by  whatever means necessary.A few mistakes is 'cost of doing business" Recent changes in our laws have made it mandatory for these bed wetters to be incarcerated for ever. That 16 year old anchor baby passing out loaded guns is a perfect example.   Walking around with baggy pants, white kneesocks (sooo GAY) and dollar store sneakers is an invitation for trouble, you just put a label on yourself.   Good people deserve to live in their communities without fear of these thugs, weather it be black,white,hispanic asian. Enough is enough, gangs are the target. get used to it cowards, the law is on our side.  


Crazy youngsters. What the fuck ever happened to a good ol' fashion fist fight?

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