Robert Charles Lee Gets 764 Years in Prison to Think About the 10 Women He Raped

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A Fullerton man who raped four women in Orange County and six more in Los Angeles County now has 764 years and eight months in state prison to think about his crimes.

Then again, perhaps 42-year-old serial rapist Robert Charles Lee can get out after 300 some odd years for good behavior.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Larry P. Fidler imposed the sentence Friday in connection with the numerous felony counts Lee was convicted of in March. He raped women in their homes in Brea, Carson, Gardena and LA between 1997 and 2006. One victim was raped twice, most were held at knifepoint and some were elderly and disabled.

The defense claimed prosecutors had the wrong man, that some victims described the attacker as a short Hispanic man while Lee is black and 6-foot-1. But Deputy District Attorney Martha Carrillo countered DNA evidence linked Lee to the rapes.

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Bill T.
Bill T.

Unfortunately all he'll think about about will be what a wonderful time he had while it lasted, being unable to put himself in others' place.


That pesky DNA. Glad this guy will never see the light of day again...


Good bye asshole.........

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