Sobering Times for Pill Poppers: "Generation Rx," National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day

Prescription drug abuse by South County teens has been a hot topic lately thanks to the documentary Behind the Orange Curtain making its world premiere May 2 at the Newport Beach Film Festival and, due to a sell out, getting a second showing May 3 in the huge Big Newport theater.

That makes a couple other looming events all the more timely, one that's tonight in San Clemente and another at various Orange County locations Saturday.

First, at 7 tonight, the Community Resource Center of San Clemente, which is in the lower level of San Clemente Presbyterian Church at 119 N. Avenida de la Estrella, hosts a free "Generation Rx" workshop for parents who want to learn more about prescription medication misuse and abuse.

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For instance, Behind the Orange Curtain shows a fire official explaining some kids who swipe and trade for meds are unaware that a particular pill they are downing may be deadly if consumed with alcohol. Health educator Margo Finlayson leads Generation Rx, which is based on an Ohio State University College of Pharmacy program. Handouts will be dispersed. See if any seats are left by emailing or calling 949.365.2181.

Also in Behind the Orange Curtain, Rep. Mary Bono Mack (R-Palm Desert) mentions that the Drug Enforcement Administration's collection of nearly 1 million tons of drugs through the past two National Prescription Drug Take-Back Days is evidence America's got a pill problem. Why, the congresswoman asks, are so many medications being prescribed that people return so many?

The third annual National Prescription Drug Take Back Day, which is coordinated with local law enforcement agencies, runs from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday. Prescription drugs can be dropped off at select locations, no questions asked. Check with your city hall or police department to see where the local drop-off location is as new spots are being added daily.

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The era of personal responsibility is is everyone elses fault but mine..hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!


America doesn't have a pill problem, it is a stupidity problem, which causes people like me who follow the rules and take the medication as directed and do not abuse them, much harder for me to get the help I need...pills don't kill people...people kill themselves because their idiotic and are weak minded who can't even control the toothpaste that comes out of a tube if they tried.  These are the same people who drink hand sanatizer for fun..what a bunch of idiots

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