Patricia Rosario Casas Faces 11 Years in Prison for $106 in DMV Thefts

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Another day, another DMV worker in hot wa-wa.

Wednesday, it was Michelle Carbajal pleading guilty to having taken cash bribes in exchange for issuing commercial driver licenses at the Fullerton DMV office to applicants who never took tests. Today, Patricia Rosario Casas was arrested for allegedly stealing money customers paid for services at the Westminster DMV office.

According to a statement from the Orange County District Attorney's office (OCDA), Casas on four occasions between July 28, 2010, and Feb. 15, 2011, accepted cash payments from customers for services but entered "no fee transaction" in the Westminster DMV computer system.

The Anaheim 44-year-old's total take: $106. Wow.

On that final date, a customer who became upset over not receiving change contacted Casas' supervisor. The case was reported to the California DMV Investigations Division, which arrested her today after an investigation. She was held in lieu of $25,000 at the Central Jail.

Casas is to be arraigned Monday on four felony counts of misappropriation of public funds, four felony counts of falsification and concealment of public accounts, and four felony counts of computer access and fraud. The maximum sentence for those crimes is 11 years in state prison.

For $106. Double-wow.

By contrast, the 14 applicants Carbajal cut corners for paid $23,700 for licenses. She's looking at the possibility of four years in prison.

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Dcanon Delgado
Dcanon Delgado

These crimes happen because the DMV Regioin Managers and Office Managers dont always let their Control Cashiers (Auditors) audit the work that comes in to the office.  Everything goes to Sacramento incorrect and  un-controlled and its okay. 


Send them down to Mexico. They will fit right in.

Dcanon Delgado
Dcanon Delgado

that is racist if I ever heard it.  It is not only Mexicans that commit crimes.

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