OC Prosecutors, Cops To Host 2012 Crime Victims' Rights March & Rally on April 27

victim march santa ana.jpg
In honor of the upcoming National Crime Victims' Rights Week, the Orange County District Attorney's office and other area law enforcement agencies will host the region's 4th Annual Victims' Rights March & Rally on April 27.

The Santa Ana event will begin at a 9:30 a.m. reception with District Attorney Tony Rackauckas inside the DA's headquarters. Following a brief march from there to the Old County Courthouse at 211 W. Santa Ana Boulevard, officials will conduct an 11 a.m. rally.

In addition to the DA's office, the event is also sponsored by Sheriff Sandra Hutchens and the Orange County Sheriff's Department, Association of Orange County Deputy District Attorneys, Santa Ana Police Department, Community Services Program, Inc., and Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Go HERE for additional information.

The national crime victims' rights week was prompted by the 1981 assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan.

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kellys Army. KELLYS ARMY UNITE!!I send out a call o the Kellys Army and Supporters to come to this rally and create a contingency of Victims of Police Brutality and malfeisance. I would like to see the mother and family members of John Chamberlin, that girl that was killed b two huntington beach cops, the family of the young man that was murdered by a police informant that was busy infomrning on Long Beach dispensaries prior to murdering a courier for one of the dispensaries when his gig as an informant dried up and any and all voctims of Sherif Mike Carona.


In addition to Paul's message above, I think it would be interesting if all the Diocese of Orange priests, employees and corrupt attorneys that continue to aid and abet with the cover up and failures to report as mandated by law, also show up to the DA's public grandstanding..... They have all made fools of the U.S. court process, with the assistance of DA Tony and a few corrupt enablers he continues to employ as so-called public servants. 

It is too bad that freedoms of speech, press and opinion are non-existent in the OC... it appears the DA LOVES to punish concerned citizens for speaking truths and making reports of wrongdoing.  So anyone who plans to exercise a guaranteed freedom at Friday's "MARCH", be sure you are a member of the OC Republican GOP or a politically-connected sexual predator.  You do not want to end up like John Derek Chamberlain and so many others who mysteriously died while incarcerated in the OC jail.  Somebody is obviously getting rich. 

And, since DA Tony refused to prosecute the OC Sheriff officials that orchestrated the murder, there is no reason for anyone to respect another person's life, even while incarcerated in the OC jail.  Who is getting rich from all these mysterious inmate jail deaths?  Certainly not the taxpayers in Orange County, California.      

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