Octomom Gets Hassled by Child Welfare Busybodies

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Having bonded with Nadya Suleman (even though she turned me down for a date), I'm willing to keep house for a payment of money quotes.

Apparently, Octomom was visited Tuesday by La Habra cops and the Orange County Department of Family and Children's Services, after receiving complaints that her 14 kids were living in squalor.

The Associated Press reports that investigators left the Octo-abode Tuesday evening after surmising that the brood wasn't in danger. 

Nadya, I'm still down for that date! Taco Bell, on me! Me, on you!

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Can someone please just get rid of this ugly ass whore!!!!


So now Octomom says she gets $4000-$5000 per month in government aid?  PLUS she's working so she's "entitled" to a $500 blow-out?  Nutso says $500 for all 14 kids... stylist said it was for a past due bill (blowout) plus the current blowout.  Stylist says she cuts the kids hair for free (which I believe).  Ok, people... time to check the prices of Brazilian blowouts and see if it would cost $500 for two blowouts.


Why is it that whenever I hear or read the word Octomom, I picture eight tentacles.


Apparently she just paid $520.00 bucks for a Brazilian Blowout on her hair (the hair on her head I hope),

She's a piece of garbage...have you seen the pictures of the walls in that house? She won't pay a plumber $150 dollars to fix her toilet for those babies to use but she'll pay a fortune to get her ugly hair done, nice job "Mom".

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