Octomom Doesn't Notice Howard Stern Trying to Have Phone Sex With Her

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We know Nadya Suleman is a Chatty Cathy, but she took it to new levels Monday  when she talked over Howard Stern as he attempted to get freaky over the phone.

"I bet you kiss really good," Stern said.

Octomom rambled over Stern's phone sex advances, at one point discussing icicles.
Stern spoke with Octomom through Dial-a-Star.com, which is run by Gina Rodriguez, who also is managing Suleman's, uh, career. Rodriguez told Stern to just hang up on Octomom, saying "I have to yell at her like she's five years old."

According to Examiner.com, Suleman reflected on whether to masturbate for the camera, but ruled out doing porn.

"The only thing I'll never do is give my body to another for money," Suleman said.

Here's a clip from the show:

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This entire Octomom saga has gone from uncomfortable and sad to an outright goddam Greek tragedy. Everyone knows this bitch is a narcissistic, sociopathic, sadistic pathological liar who will say or do ANYTHING for money and attention. Her Sunday "shows" having been getting so disturbing I absolutely cannot imagine why the La Habra police havent' arrested her yet. She and her older children are seen on camera physically abusing the smaller children. She has also had several of the 3 year old appear completely naked. Dont take my word for it, they are still up on Youtube! CPS where the hell are you?



All you do is exploit people. You don't care about anyone but yourself and your own ratings. There's no talent or skill, or honor in exploiting people. Shame on you, and those who would make a hero out of someone who would try to exploit a mother of 8. 

Alvin like.author.displayName 1 Like

 Scumbag, if you'd do a little research, you'd know she has been scamming the system for years and has been chasing the cameras since the day the tups were born.  When she put herself out to the public, she should expect comments and criticisms.  P.S. She has 14 children - not 8.

fat lady
fat lady

She was looking for the spotlight even BEFORE the tups were born. She did a news segment/commercial for the now-deposed Dr. Kamrava who repeatedly assisted her in getting pregnant from the very first child. She sung his praises on camera, but back then she was "Natalie Gutierrez."


The funniest part was her telling Stern she is a "conversationalist"! (Of course only in her own head carrying on a one way diatribe on a dead end street.) Just that comment alone should warrant a lock up in a padded cell where she can continue to reiterate her little broken down script without interruption.


You can put lipstick on a pig, it's still a pig. That's how sexy I think Octomom is. My favorite part is what her manager says about her! Hey Gina, anytime you want to write that book, I'll buy it. I bet what she knows about Octomom could get those poor kids out of that woman's control. Octomom should be kissing her feet for all  she's done for her but, she's not really grateful to anyone. Never heard her thank the army of nannies that raised the babies for 2 yrs. Now that it's just Octomom & her poor old parents, the little ones look miserable & act terrified! She's so damn rough with them!

Laurie like.author.displayName 1 Like

Nadya is always reflecting on her decisions and always chooses poorly. Perhaps she needs to stop reflecting and fill her time with something like a JOB.

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