Octomom Doesn't Notice Howard Stern Trying to Have Phone Sex With Her

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We know Nadya Suleman is a Chatty Cathy, but she took it to new levels Monday  when she talked over Howard Stern as he attempted to get freaky over the phone.

"I bet you kiss really good," Stern said.

Octomom rambled over Stern's phone sex advances, at one point discussing icicles.
Stern spoke with Octomom through Dial-a-Star.com, which is run by Gina Rodriguez, who also is managing Suleman's, uh, career. Rodriguez told Stern to just hang up on Octomom, saying "I have to yell at her like she's five years old."

According to Examiner.com, Suleman reflected on whether to masturbate for the camera, but ruled out doing porn.

"The only thing I'll never do is give my body to another for money," Suleman said.

Here's a clip from the show:

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