Michele Martinez Teams Up With Van Tran to Woo Vietnamese Voters for Her Assembly Race

Martinez: Hair now as black as her ethics
I about spit out my Maker's this evening when word came to me that SanTana councilwoman and 69th Assembly District hopeful Michele Martinez appeared on a Vietnamese-language channel here in Little Saigon, getting softball questions tossed at her by none other than former State Assembly member Van Thai Tran. Tran, the man who has long trashed Mexicans and tried to pit Vietnamese and Mexican voters against each other in a strategy only neo-Nazis and the Republican Party could love. Tran, the sworn enemy of Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez.

Tran: a REPUBLICAN. And Michele calls herself a progressive?
Martinez with Tran: Combined IQs don't top 100

It will be wonderful to see Martinez justify appearing on Tran's television show to a group of Democrats--this is akin to OC Dem head Frank Barbaro eating dinner with OC GOP honcho Scott Baugh...oh wait, they do. Anyhoo, nice to see Michele play footsie with Mexican haters--go explain that one to your wab supporters, chula!

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