Michael Kelly, Pedo-Priest Recently Tried by Newport Beach Lawyer John Manly, Now on the Run from Justice

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Last weekly, Moxley wrote about another successful pedo-priest exposed in civil court by John Manly, the bane of pedophile protectors and their apologists for years in Orange County, and now around the world. The priest in question was Michael Kelly of the Diocese of Stockton--and he's now on the run in Ireland.

Mothers of Eire, lock up your boys.

The stunning turn happened despite the fact that Kelly was about to testify in another civil case, this one to determine whether the Diocese of Stockton (once run by former Diocese of Orange Bishop John Steinbock, who housed more than a few pedo-priests in his day) knew of Kelly's boy-loving ways. Kelly wrote a letter on Sunday explaining that he was going to Ireland to be with his family and claimed he was dying, which was kind of the same ruse Orange pedo-protector extraordinaire John Urell used to get out of a civil deposition a couple of years ago. Looks like the Diocese of Orange way is spreading far and wide--heckuva job, Brownie!

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