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Love me do
You gentle readers in need of sexual healing are in luck. 

The Love Clinic is having a grand opening in Corona del Mar on May 26 and May 27, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Ann Love (aww, that's awesome!), a behavioral therapist from Arlington, Texas, founded the clinic, and she promises to give a "warm and the personal touch" to her clients, who will walk into "beautiful surroundings with soft flutes playing."

According to a news release, Love specializes in healing emotional pain, stemming from childhood experiences including: physical, sexual, and emotional abuse; and/or dysfunctional romantic relationships. 

Love has hosted shows on Christian radio, and TV networks such as PAX-TV (now Ion Television), which seemingly ran episodes of "Touched by an Angel" 24 hours a day. No word yet on whether Roma Downey will touch clients at the clinic. 

Love's books include The Hermaphrodite Personality and Daddy Love. Hey now! 

Sex fiends are invited to attend the clinic's rap sessions, including "What is the Love Potion No. 9 Effect?" and "Does Pornography Spice up a Relationship?". 

Pfshaw! You need to ask? 

The clinic is located at 2816 E.Coast Hwy, Suite D, in Corona del Mar.

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Min P
Min P

Awesome!  We need to be able to go somewhere and to someone who can and is willing to help without judgement.


Great...I love it...I know a lot of people that need help!


Wow, California really needs something like this! Cannot wait til it comes!


Hysterical!...Does the Newport City Council know about this? I wonder what their permit looks like :)

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