Joanna Ramos' Death After School Fight Brings No Charges

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February's death of Joanna Ramos at the hands of one of the 10-year-old's Frances Willard Elementary School classmates was ruled a homicide, but authorities in Long Beach say no charges will be brought in the case.

Long Beach Police released a statement today saying no crime occurred, calling the incident a "fight between two children that ended with unintended and tragic results."

Ramos had no visible injuries from the Feb. 24 altercation--which lasted about a minute and may have been over a boy--in an alley near her school. She later vomited and complained of headaches after walking back to the campus for the remainder of an after-school program.

That same night, the girl stopped breathing and underwent surgery before being kept in the intensive care unit in critical condition. She was pronounced dead around 9 p.m. An autopsy later concluded Ramos died from blunt force trauma to the head.

Authorities did not identify the other child in the fight.

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Perez ZMelissa
Perez ZMelissa

Wow - You've absolutely got to be kidding me....Two girls fight - one beats the other causing blunt force trauma to her head, which results in her exact cause of death and no charges are filed?  How about at least throwing Manslaughter at this pathetic girl?  I hope the family at least sues for wrongful death.  This is not ok.


Perez...critics of accidents must, of course, be perfect.   You, however, placed two capital letters together in yor last name..a blatant violation of our beloved language.  For such a mistake, you should be banned from writing for 19 years, with ritual blinding and removal of fingers as a condition of your parole if you violate said rules.  Zero tolerance, even on accidents.....Heil Hitler!! 


How is this relevant to what he said.... A planned fight is not an accident. Dont know where exactly you live but most fighters fight with the intention of hurting the other...Also. Two letters can be emphasised when speling your name in amother alphabe or language..... Fool

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