Jaime Arturo Garcia Admits He Set Fires, Poisoned Pooch Dexter and Slit Dog's Throat

Jaime Arturo Garcia pleaded guilty today to setting fires inside his Stanton home and killing his dog Dexter by poisoning him and slitting his throat.

The Stanton 31-year-old could get four years and eight months in state prison at his May 7 sentencing after copping to felony arson of an inhabited property, felony animal cruelty, misdemeanor unlawful causing a fire to property and a sentencing enhancement for the personal use of a deadly weapon.

The afternoon of July 24, 2011, Garcia closed all the doors and windows of the house he shared with his sisters, who were out, and set several small fires by lighting piles of clothing on fire.

When the fires burned out without spreading, Garcia fed various pills to Dexter in an attempt to poison the 7-year-old dachshund mix. When that didn't work out, Garcia picked up a large kitchen knife and slit Dexter's throat. The bleeding pooch ran around the house and into Garcia's bedroom, where he died on the bed.

One of Garcia's sisters returned home to find the house filled with smoke and called 9-1-1. Orange County sheriff's deputies, who arrived at the scene with Orange County Fire Authority personnel, found Dexter in the bedroom, his blood spread on the floors and walls throughout the home. Garcia was hospitalized with self-inflicted injuries.

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The sad part is, he's my uncle.


This sick F **K needs his balls ripped off and fed to him.

I don't care if he has "problems" any monster who would torture a dog like that? Will do it next to a PERSON...his sister better be glad she wasn't there when he flipped out or HER throat would have slit.

KEEP him locked up like the animal he is. Too bad the idiot didn't accomplish his lame suicide attempt...save us all the grief of looking at his fat F**K of a face!.


Poor Mr Jaime Arturo Garcia obviously has mental issues which will require extensive psychological treatment & prolonged rehabilitation, in order to return Mr Jaime Arturo Garcia to a state of normality.

...THEN he should be BLUDGEONED TO DEATH slowly & methodically over the course of 15 days OR until his bones have the consistancy of Jello. Whichever comes LATER.


Half white probably......that's where the freakiness comes from................

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