[UPDATE: Oaksterdam's Lee Retires] Feds Raid Oaksterdam University As Local Lawmakers Demand End to Pot War

UPDATE, April 6, 12:00 p.m.: According to the LA Times news blog, Oaksterdam University's founder Richard Lee is retiring from the medical marijuana industry he helped create. "I've been doing this a long time," he told the newspaper. "Over 20 years...I kind of feel like I've done my time. It's time for others to take over."

ORIGINAL POST, April 2, 3:42 p.m.: In his never-ending quest to lose voters, President Barack Obama chalked up yet another pointless, money-wasting "victory" in the war on medical marijuana, raiding the world-famous Oaksterdam University in downtown Oakland, along with the house of its wheelchair-bound founder, Richard Lee. (Check out OC Weekly contributor Michael Goldstein's recent intervew with Lee here).

News of the raid spread quickly, with members of the Orange County chapter of NORML, the National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws, forwarding  links to live footage of the raid's aftermath, which attracted a growing crowd of protesters.

Apparently, the feds weren't too impressed with this morning's news that lawmakers, including OC's very own Chris Norby (R-Fullerton), from five states that have already legalized medical marijuana are demanding an immediate end to the crackdown.

The letter takes Obama himself to task for violating a 2008 campaign pledge not to use his authority as president to "circumvent state laws on the issue of medical marijuana," as well as a subsequent promise the following year not to go after patients. Norby and the other legislators took special offense at the fact that U.S. attorneys had threatened state employees with prosecution if they didn't abandon attempts to regulate the medical cannabis industry.

"[W]e call on President Obama to recommit to the principles and policy on which he campaigned and asserted his first year in office," the letter concludes. "Please respect our state laws. And don't use our employees as pawns in your zealous and misguided war on medical marijuana."

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Raymundo Garcia
Raymundo Garcia

Mr. Jerry Brown your Governor the one you fools voted for is the person behind the federal raids. Jerry Brown was such a wonderful piece of shit governor before, you all decided to give him his fucking job back. your all upset about the raids and your blaming Obama for something he has nothing to do with, it's Jerry Brown he is the one requesting that the DOJ, IRS, DEA, and a bunch of other federal acronyms to come to California and investigate and intimidate through raids all the collectives in CA. The reason Jerry Brown is doing this, because most of the money he got for his campaign came from south of the broader namely the three main Mexican Cartels. 


I was watching one of the ustream feeds live and saw a DEA agent in full gear shoving an old lady in a wheelchair because she was blocking a DEA vehicle.  I'm sure his mother is proud of him.  

Chas Holman
Chas Holman

In Florida you can shoot someone if you feel they are threatening you.But you can't eat or smoke a really benign (compared to virtually every other intoxicant and nicotine too) plant ... 

that might be bad for you... 

and we will protect you by tossing you in jail with a really lonely guy named Sheila... 


Richard Lee took a blighted area of Oakland, created a thriving coffeeshop scene and employment for many, started a university that's had more than 15,000 students, many from out of town bringing more money into Oakland, and is pouring money into Oakland's civic coffers through taxes.  Imagine that happening in Santa Ana. Yes, let's bust him.


Isn't it soooo wonderful that our tax dollars are being wasted on persecuting sick people? :-(

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